Shogi, Pawns Become Warriors, and Your Moves Dictate their Destiny 

Shogi, Pawns Become Warriors, and Your Moves Dictate their Destiny 

Shogi is a Japanese word. In English, it is translated as Japanese Chess. The Japanese are fond of having or creating their version of many things, including casino games, and sometimes, they even do it better than the original!

In this casino news, we will discuss Shogi, how it came about, and how it differs from Western chess. 

Shogi: Where Every Move Shapes the Battlefield 

Shogi is a traditional board game played by two people. It is similar in design and gameplay to the Western world chess game, it is entertaining, and sometimes, it is showcased in some Japanese anime. 

The objective of the game is similar to the one you learn when understanding how to play Go (a similar board conquer-like game): to checkmate the king of your opponent. Before the game begins, each player is given twenty Shogi pieces. They include one king, bishop, rook, two knights, two lances, two gold generals, two silver generals, and nine pawns. However, these pieces are flat wood. What they represent is written on them. They are not carved based on what they represent, like in Western chess.

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History of Shogi

When and where the Shogi game originated from is not clear. However, it is believed it came from the chess game from China, like the “Go” game, during the Nara rule (710-794). 

The term “Shogi” was derived from the word “Shogun.” Shogun means “Supreme military commander,” while Shogi means the game of generals. Shogun was the name of a powerful emperor who ruled over samurai. During these periods, there were three versions of Shogi. 

  • Dai-Shogi
  • Chu Shogi 
  • Sho- Shogi 

The above classification was based on the board size or field the game was playing. Dai means large, Chu means medium, and Sho means small. 

Shogi’s popularity began to spread when the Japanese capital was changed from Nara to Kyoto. It later began to penetrate different regions around the 16th century. Today, the Shogi game is marked in Japan. On such days, tournaments are held on the game and often aired on TV. 

Shogi Vs Western Chess

Lots of people have played this game and left their impression in multiple online casino reviews. And, while the game is based on strategy and wits, contrary to the Sic Bo game that relies merely on luck, there are many key differences between Shogi and Western chess. They are: 

Game Board

Shogi uses a nine-by-nine board. This means there is a total of 81 squares. Western chess, on the other hand, uses an eight-by-eight board. That means there are 64 squares slots upon which the slots can be moved.

Pieces Placements 

Pieces are arranged in three rows, unlike Western chess where they are placed in two rows. The first row in Shogi is allocated to the king, generals (gold and silver), the lances, and the knights. In the second row, we find one bishop and one rook, while the third row consists of pawns.

Pieces Movement

Most pieces move in the same direction they can capture. However, they can only move short distances, hence the game is slower than its Western counterpart. The kings are only permitted eight moves, while gold and silver generals have 6 and 5, respectively. Knights are weak in shogi. They can only move two steps forward and backward, and one move to the left or right. In Western chess, knights are capable of 8 moves. 

Gameplay Ending

A draw can happen in Western chess without a winner or loser. But in Shogi, it is next to impossible. This is because every game piece can be “recycled,”  referring to the ability to bring captured or eliminated pieces back into play. Therefore, substantial pieces will be available to reach the end goal: checkmate the king. 

Possible Game Combos 

In Western chess, the combinations that can be made can reach 10^123. But in this game, it is more, about 10^224. That is why Shogi is often said to be more complex than regular chess.


Shogi is undoubtedly an old game. Despite being a Japanese game, you don’t have to learn the language to be able to play it. Also, Its rules can be understood within a few minutes. There is no need for online casino tips. It is not as popular as Western chess but is not inferior to them.  If you find one of the old pieces of Shogi, you have a gem at hand.

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