Force of Dragon Casino Game

The Force of Dragon casino game is an Asian-inspired arcade fish shooting game you don’t want to miss. It takes you to the bottom of the ocean where you can choose three rooms to enter, all of which have different scenery. 

The gist of the game is simple: shoot fish and dragons to win fantastic prizes. There are three dragons, each offering a payout and a special feature. For instance, the Lightning Dragon pays 300x and shoots luminous thunder which stuns other fish!

Playing the Force of Dragon game online is like shooting fish in a barrel. So, register here today!

Force of Dragon RTP and Variance

Once you get a hang of the Force of Dragon casino game, you’re sure to have a lot of fun. Working out your expected winnings may be a bit harder than shooting at fish and the RTP and variance data have not been released by KA Gaming.

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Force of Dragon Casino Game Bonus Features

In the game, several of the creatures have special abilities that activate when shot down. 

  • Lightning Dragon will release Luminous Thunder that can trap several at the same time with lightning bolts.
  • Gold Dragon will trigger Dragon’s Breath that will wash over the screen and capture several fish.
  • Thunder Dragon will activate the Lightning Storm, sending bolts of lightning in all directions. 
  • Frozen Time Stone will freeze all the fish for a certain amount of time.

Symbols and Gameplay

In the Force of Dragon casino game, the symbols are all related to aquatic life waiting to be shot. The high-paying symbols include the three dragons offering the maximum payout of 300x. 

On the other hand, the low-paying symbols in the game include different smaller fish species, with the maximum payout being 12x. 

Need more info on the gaming terminology used here? Our casino guides can help you out.

How to Play Force of Dragon Casino Game

Let’s look at how to play Force of Dragon Casino Game, a shooting game with a difference. All the details are here in our casino game review.

At the start of the game, choose whether you want to play on the Bronze, Silver, or Gold level, each with a different bet/bullet range.

Next, choose how much you want to play per shot using the “-” and “+” buttons on either side of the cannon. 

On the right side of the screen, choose whether you want to use the “Lock” or “Auto” icons. You can also click the “i” button to read through the paytable.

Force of Dragon Casino Game Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Force of Dragon game has a betting range of $0.01 to $10 per shot.

Lightning Dragonx300
Gold Dragonx120
Thunder Dragonx60
Frozen Time Stonex20
Horseshoe Sharkx50
Hammerhead Sharkx30
Clown Fishx12
Lion Fish x10
Blue/Yellow Fishx8
Blue Fishx6
Blue/Green Fishx5
Bubble Eyed Fishx4
Green/Blue Fishx3
Brown Fishx2


The Force of Dragon casino game may seem a bit strange at first glance, but the gameplay doesn’t take long to get used to. This casino game is fun, multiplayer, and interactive as you aim and shoot to catch prizes of up to 300x per dragon. Players can look forward to stunning audio and animations that offer an immersive gaming session and one that should not be missed.

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Force of Dragon FAQs

Is The Force Of Dragon Casino Game A Multiplayer Game?

Yes, Force of Dragon is a multiplayer game. It allows players to play with each other and enjoy a social gaming experience.

How Do I Choose A Difficulty Level In The Force Of Dragon Casino Game?

You can choose between three difficulty levels—Bronze, Silver, and Gold—at the beginning of the game. Each level offers a different bet/bullet range.

Can I Play Force Of Dragon On My Mobile Device?

Yes, Force of Dragon is available to play on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

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