Lucky Card Casino Game

Scratchcards offer a simple and quick way to enjoy classic casino gaming. This is the format that the Lucky Card casino game follows, and it’s a bit special when looking at the prizes. As you scratch your way through nine different spots on each card, you’ll be in with a shot of winning the maximum payout of 77x.

Furthermore, the game has an RTP of 96.05%, which ranks highly against other scratchcard casino games, many of which can be found in our casino guides. But back to this spectacular title, it only costs ten cents to get a taster. So, what are you waiting for?

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How to Play the Lucky Card Casino Game

There’s a strong chance that you’ve purchased or at least received a scratchcard at some point in the past. So, even if you have never played a scratchcard game online, you’ll have a general understanding of what’s required with the Lucky Card Casino Game. If not, don’t worry, as the process of playing this title is incredibly simple.

You first dictate a purchase value by tapping the “+/-“ symbols, and you then hit the large “Play” button to receive your card. And now, you must select the various spots on the 3×3 grid to reveal them all. If you are short on time, tap the button again to instantly reveal the outcome.

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Lucky Card Casino Game RTP and Variance

Most scratchcard games come with a low variance rating, purely because of how they work. However, the variance isn’t explicitly specified by Evoplay Entertainment. As for the RTP, this is clearly listed at 96.05%. 

Symbols and Gameplay

Although various fruit symbols are static, the game doesn’t feel basic. This is helped by the sparkling lights that align the cards, and by the interface scratch-offs as you work your way across the nine positions. To top things off, the symbols flash vibrantly if you land a winning connection.

Taking these elements into account, we’d say that the overall gameplay quality is above average.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

You can snap up a scratchcard here for $0.10 at the lowest price point. As for the highest price point, this is set at a whopping $400.

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Lucky Card Game Bonus Features

As great as these scratchcard games are, there is one drawback to them. Generally speaking about gambling statistics, it’s quite rare that you’ll stumble across scratchcard games that have any bonuses. In fact, multipliers are about as good as it gets for this category. With that said, and as you’ve no doubt guessed, the Lucky Card game online doesn’t come with any Bonus Games or other such features.


There is nothing complicated about playing the Lucky Card casino game. You simply grab a scratchcard at a suitable price point, and then you’ve instantly got a shot at landing some healthy payouts. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but you’ve got to be in the game to have a chance of winning.

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Lucky Card Casino Game FAQs

Can I Purchase Cards On Autopilot?

Yes, you can. There is a smaller button next to the main “Play” button. Tap this to trigger up to 100 purchases at a time.

What Constraints Can I Set During Auto-Play?

There are three different constraints available here. They are all conditions under which the game will stop and they relate to your total stake/losses.

How Will I Know When I Have Formed A Winning Combination?

Easy! The symbols that have formed the win will start flashing.

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