Christmas Crash Casino Game

Experience the frosty fun of the Christmas Crash game, where Evoplay Entertainment transforms a chilly winter wonderland into a super-fun crash-styled game. With no paylines, it stands out with its unique two-bet feature, letting players double their chances in a single round. The gameplay unfurls under a crescent moon, with Santa dashing across the sky, aiming to deliver epic wins.

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How to Play Christmas Crash Game

Learning how to play the Christmas Crash Game takes just a few moments, thanks to our expert guidance and the fact this game is based on simple mechanics!

Essentially, you are navigating a festive wonderland where strategy and quick decisions are key. Before the countdown hits zero, use the plus and minus icons to set your bet. If you are feeling adventurous, tap the grey plus to add a second bet, tweaking your total for the perfect strategy. Explore the menu for detailed game settings, and don’t forget the chat and bet history features to stay connected and informed. 

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Christmas Crash Game RTP and Variance

The Christmas Crash game offers an RTP of 96%, promising a blend of festive cheer and thrilling winning opportunities. Although variance isn’t specified, the game’s spirited theme ensures an engaging experience for all.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Players can bet anywhere from $0.10 to a generous $7,500 per round, accommodating all the cautious players and high rollers that play here at Slots Paradise Casino. The payout structure is designed to deliver instant excitement, with potential winnings mirroring the adventurous gameplay.

LevelWinning Amount
Santax1 to x1000

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Christmas Crash Game Bonus Features

Playing Christmas Crash online comes with a unique twist – a two-bet feature that doubles the fun and strategy. In each round, you’re not just placing a single bet; you have the option to lay down two, varying their amounts for more exciting play. And with the ability to cash out each bet independently, it’s all about timing and intuition.

Between rounds, you’ve got a quick 10-second window to adjust your strategy, but that’s not all. You can also engage in lively banter with the chat function, adding a layer of community to your gameplay. Plus, keep an eye on the top 100-win list for that extra dose of competition!

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Symbols and Gameplay

In the Christmas Crash game, symbols take a back seat to an exhilarating multiplier that soars from x1 up to x1000. Watch out, though, as instant crashes can whisk away the holiday cheer, leaving without winnings in a dash!


We hope our Christmas Crash review wraps you in a cozy blanket of holiday spirit, and you are all ready to experience Santa’s speedy mission to spread joy in the form of crash gaming – what a combo! The double bet feature doubles the fun, letting you strategize and celebrate wins in the snow-capped wonderland. 

So, don your Santa hat and come join us today at Slots Paradise Casino, where merry multipliers await!

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Christmas Crash Game FAQs

What makes betting unique in this game?

The Two Bets Feature allows players to place dual wagers within a single round. This offers flexibility in strategy and potential winnings when playing the Christmas Crash game.

How does the chat function enhance gameplay?

It introduces an interactive element when playing the Christmas Crash game, enabling players to communicate with others during play. This social aspect adds to the enjoyment and brings a competitive edge with a leaderboard.

Can I cash out at any time during the round?

Yes, the Cash Out feature is designed for use at any moment before the crash. This gives players control over their risk and potential reward.

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