Iron Hero Casino Game

Ready to play something a little different and practice your shooting skills? Yes? Then, aim to the Iron Hero game by KA Gaming. You won’t find any paylines, reels, or rows here. Instead, you head to the bottom of the ocean to shoot fish and monster-like creatures with massive cannon-like guns. The game aims to kill as many fish and monsters as possible and win big!

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How to Play Iron Hero Game

Let’s explore how to play the Iron Hero Game, a unique shooter game with a fish theme.

Initially, you select a difficulty level—Bronze, Silver, or Gold—which determines the betting range per bullet.

Then, adjust the wager for each shot by utilizing the “-” and “+” symbols flanking the cannon. On the screen’s right, choose whether to engage the “Lock,” activate “Auto,  upgrade your bullets,” or review the paytable via the “i” icons. Thereafter, all you need to do is point and shoot.

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Iron Hero Game RTP and Variance

If you are looking for the Iron Hero game RTP and variance values, you may be a little disappointed because KA Gaming has yet to provide them. But it’s okay; you can take your frustrations out on the fish and win big while you are at it.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Iron Hero Game has various bet and difficulty levels that will suit all types of players, starting at $0.01 to $10 per shot.

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Purple and Blue Swordfish50x
Red Spider-like Monster50x – 500x
Blue Creature with Golden Armor50x – 300x
Black Manta Ray45x
Purple Creature with Horns40x
Yellow Fish with Stripes30x
Blue Fish with Cannon30x
Purple Pufferfish with Electricity30x
Mine with Skull and Crossbones 30x
Yellowish Fish with Blue Fins25x
Orange Squid-like Creature20x
Pterodactyl-like Creature15x
Green Spherical Monster10x
Fish with Orange Fins8x
Red Lobster-like Creature5x
Purple Fish with Yellow Tail3x
Orange Fish with Red Fins2x

Iron Hero Game Bonus Features

Unique symbols in the Iron Hero game, such as the blue fish armed with artillery, the purple pufferfish radiating electricity, and a mine bearing a skull, each initiate special bonus chains. 

Landing these icons can escalate a player’s earnings through multipliers, offering up to 30x and a range of 50x to 500x for rarer symbols. 

The Power Weapon feature in Iron Hero temporarily amplifies damage, enabling you to target high-value creatures more effectively and strategize its use for optimal impact.

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Symbols and Gameplay

In the Iron Hero game, the highest paying symbol is the Red Spider-like Monster, with the potential to grant a player between 50x and 500x their bet. The Blue Creature with Golden Armor follows closely, offering a payout range of 50x to 300x. The remaining symbols provide a diverse payout field from 2x up to 50x, ensuring a variety of winning possibilities.


Iron Hero is certainly different, but that is what makes it so enjoyable. It’s an interactive, Asian-inspired, arcade-style game that you can play with multiple players. It also has several betting and weaponry options available so that you can enjoy a more immersive gaming experience. It’s also graphically impressive, with bright visuals of the unusual sea creatures! 

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Iron Hero Game FAQs

How do I start playing the Iron Hero game?

To begin playing, select your desired difficulty level. Then, adjust your stake per shot with the “-” and “+” buttons around the cannon.

How do bonus features work in Iron Hero?

Bonus features are triggered by landing specific symbols like the blue fish with a cannon, the purple pufferfish, or the mine. These features initiate chain events that reveal hidden prizes.

What does the “Lock” feature do?

The “Lock” feature enables players to target specific symbols on the screen, increasing precision and strategic advantage. It’s especially useful for focusing on high-value targets.

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