Crush Pirate Ship Casino Game

Crush Pirate Ship Casino Game

Set sail with Crush Pirate Ship, a unique adventure by KA Gaming where traditional reels and paylines walk the plank! Instead, you’ll commandeer a cannon, blasting away at pirate ships across the high seas to find hidden multipliers. This type of action games is all about powerful bullets and fever time, turning every shot into a chance for treasure.

Hoist the sails and load your cannons for an explosive journey at Slots Paradise Casino!

How to Play Crush Pirate Ship

Before setting sail, let’s talk about how to play Crush Pirate Ship. First, set your bet and then unleash havoc by clicking to fire your cannons directly at those pirate ships. Need a glance at your potential loot? The paytable and game rules are your guide. Don’t forget to check previous bet logs to chart your course, and the audio toggle lets you choose between the sound of crashing waves or silence.

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Crush Pirate Ship RTP and Variance

The Crush Pirate Ship game keeps its variance and RTP information hidden below the deck, so we’ll move swiftly on to the next important talking point.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In Crush Pirate Ship, bets range from $0.01 to $10, charting a course for all kinds of bankrolls. Like in our Jacks or Better game, you can consult the payout table below for a quick look at the potential wins on board!

SymbolSink Ship
Club Ship3x
Heart Ship5x
Spade Ship8x
Pink Sail Ship10x
Blue Sail Ship15x
Gold Sail Ship20x
Orange Ship25x
Anchor Ship30x
Skull Ship40x
Sunshine Ship50x
Striped Ship60x
Shark Ship80x
Leaf Ship100-150x
Yellow Dragon Ship150-200x
Purple Dragon Ship200-300x

Crush Pirate Ship Bonus Features

The sea is your battlefield, and your arsenal is packed with features designed for big wins. The Powerful Bullet is your secret weapon, costing 6x your bet but turning your cannon into a ship-sinking machine, vastly improving your odds of success. Each shot feels like a bolt from Poseidon himself, promising rich rewards for the skilled.

Then there’s the majestic Blue Drakar Ship, offering not just a bounty of 20x your stake but also the tactical advantage of halting other vessels in their tracks, allowing you a moment of calm in the storm to plan your next move. Not to be outdone, the Red Drakar Ship sails in with the same tempting reward and a chaos-inducing twist: it randomly scuttles ships on the horizon, mixing a dash of unpredictability with a strategic approach. 

Together, these features chart a course for endless entertainment in Crush Pirate Ship.

Symbols and Gameplay

All the symbols are created with ship-themed designs, from the smaller ships with their wins from 3x to 20x to the elusive purple dragon boss ship. When successfully sunk, it delivers a huge win worth 300x your stake, making the idea of playing Crush Pirate Ship online a very good idea!


We should say now that Crush Pirate Ship isn’t your average game with reels and paylines. With cannons ready, your job is to fire at enemy ships and watch for the multipliers to rise. It’s one of those games you need to experience, and you can do that right here! 

Why walk the plank when you can be the captain of your fortune at Slots Paradise Casino? Come play today, and show us your skills on the high seas!

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Crush Pirate Ship FAQs

How do I activate the Powerful Bullet feature?

To activate the Powerful Bullet feature, increase your bet to 6x. This makes sinking ships easier and increases your winning chances.

What makes Crush Pirate Ship unique?

The game stands out for its action-packed gameplay, where players fire cannons at ships instead of spinning reels. It introduces a fun and interactive way to win.

How can I win big in Crush Pirate Ship?

Winning big involves targeting special ships like the Blue and Red Drakar for their high rewards. Players should also utilize the Powerful Bullet for a strategic advantage.

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