JetX Casino Game

Progressive crash casino games are unique, and Smartsoft Gaming has now joined the party following the release of the JetX casino game. If you’ve seen this gaming format before, you’ll already know that thrilling rounds and top prizes can be expected. But if you’re a novice, you’re about to discover some truly awesome features.

For this game, the multiplier can climb as high as 25000x your stake, leading to a huge top prize. You can also trigger automatic bets/cashouts, and watch a highly immersive jet-setting adventure as you go. This one really is spectacular, and it’s just a click away.

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JetX Casino Game RTP and Variance

Starting with the variance, the JetX game online doesn’t actually have one. This isn’t entirely uncommon for crash-style games. As for the RTP, there is a range supplied here. This range is set at 96.70% to 98.80%, as you can place multiple bets per round.

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JetX Game Bonus Features

There aren’t really any bonus features to highlight in the JetX game. However, it could be argued that since you can place 2x bets at once, this in itself is a feature that you don’t always get with crash games. But besides that, you don’t have any special incentives that can spring up when playing.

Symbols and Gameplay

The quality of the gameplay here is truly spectacular, and we don’t say that lightly. The game begins by watching the jet propel off the runway, with the sounds of jet engines filling the air. Once airborne, the music kicks in to get the adrenaline pumping. Furthermore, you can see soldiers parachuting out of the jet as it climbs higher.

These actually represent the cashouts of other players that are involved in the game, giving each round a competitive element.

How to Play the JetX Casino Game

As the JetX casino game adopts a multiplayer format, you must play to the speed of the game. Basically, the game continuously runs with just a few seconds between each round. To get involved in a round, you must set your bets before the jet takes off.

It’s possible to do this automatically by turning this command on, and you may place two bets at once if you like. Furthermore, you can set various parameters to perform an auto cashout. This tool is very valuable since each round can be quite hectic.

Hit the “?” icon if you want to read all about the mechanics of the JetX casino game.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

To participate in any given round of this game, you must meet the $1 minimum bet limit. Alternatively, you can increase the bet up to the $100 mark if you are feeling confident. As for the potential payouts that are on offer, the highest reward here is 25,000x your bet size. This is actually much larger than similar games that are highlighted in our casino guides.

And since the lowest payouts start at 1.01x your wager, there is clearly a huge range of possible returns.


In our experience of crash games, the JetX casino game ranks as one of the best. As you’ve discovered here, the gameplay is gripping, the rewards are awesome, and there’s a nice interactive feel to this title overall.

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JetX Casino Game FAQs

Is There A Minimum Value I Can Set For The Auto Cashout?

Yes, the lowest value you can set up for auto cashout is 1.35x.

Does This Game Function Well On Mobile Devices?

Yes, it works perfectly on smartphone and tablet devices.

If I Set Two Bets, Must They Be The Same?

No. You can set up two completely different bets at the same time.

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