Poseidon’s Secret Casino Game

KA Gaming has produced some legendary shooting games in the past. Many of them are based on deep-sea battles, which is the exact theme of Poseidon’s Secret casino game. To create a unique experience, KA Gaming has thrown some exciting features into the mix.

With bombs, secret treasure chests, and creatures that lead to enhanced multipliers, you’re not short on stimulating elements here. However, you do need to be quick on the trigger while remaining cool under pressure to do well in this game. If you’ve got the nerve, you could snap up some very handsome rewards.

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How to Play the Poseidon’s Secret Casino Game

Since Poseidon’s Secret Casino Game is a shooting game, it’s no surprise that shooting is your main aim. After you’ve chosen one of the three available game modes, the action will begin. You must then choose a bet size alongside your weapon. From here, you can start unloading at the barrage of creatures zipping along this underwater highway.

This can be done manually, or you can use the “Auto-Fire” function to keep the bullets flying while you control the direction. It all comes down to personal preference, which is also true for the creatures you target.

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Poseidon’s Secret Casino Game RTP and Variance

Strangely enough, no specific RTP or variance has been provided for this game. Therefore, it’s probably best to sample the demo version to gain an idea of the value available, unless you’re okay with venturing into the unknown.

Symbols and Gameplay

The gameplay is seriously hectic in this game. You’ve got to be super alert to zone in on high-paying targets and kill them. And with respect to the graphics/aesthetics, these are pretty sensational, we must say. 

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

If you opt for the “Bronze” level, you can spray bullets for just $0.01 each. If you choose the “Gold” level, you can take aim and fire for up to $10 per bullet. Of course, this means that each of the three levels has varying bet sizes, which also impacts your possible payouts.

Small Blue Fish2
Small Yellow Fish3
Small Purple Fish8
Blue Tail Fish10
Small Red Fish12
Grey Fish25
Blue Whale30
Gold Pufferfish38-58
Gold Turtle48-78
Glowing Blue Shark58-88
Frozen Treasure Chest20
Lucky Crab50

Poseidon’s Secret Game Bonus Features

Compared with other highly-rated shooting games in our casino guides, this one is more appealing when it comes to features. That’s because there are four of them, each with their own unique features and benefits—Lightning Bomb, Lobster Bomb, Lucky Crab, and Frozen Treasure Chest.

Both bombs will kill a set number of fish on the screen through chain reactions and explosions. The Lucky Crab can grant a multiplier of up to 50x, and the Frozen Treasure Chest stops all creatures in their tracks. This gives you an opportunity to target high-value fish and take them down.

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Poseidon’s Secret Casino Game FAQs

Are The Higher-Paying Targets Harder To Kill?

Yes, they require more bullets, which is why they lead to bigger returns.

Do All Of The Fish Move At The Same Speed?

No, the smaller fish are faster than the bigger fish.

How Do I Land The Biggest Payout In This Game?

To score the biggest payout in Poseidon’s Secret casino game, you need to kill Poseidon himself. This target is huge, but he requires lots of on-target shots for a confirmed kill.

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