Pride Fight Casino Game

Fancy yourself as a bit of a fighter? Pride Fight casino game combines the skill of Mixed Martial Arts with pretty awesome payouts. All you’ve got to do is beat the guy in front of you to keep the multipliers rising, but that’s easier said than done. And at any moment, if you let your guard down, it could all be over.

As you can see, the Pride Fight casino game gives you a chance to enter the spotlight while producing plenty of enjoyment in each passing round. To rise to the challenge, you need a strong chin, plus some old-fashioned luck to land the highest rewards. Have you got what it takes?

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How to Play the Pride Fight Casino Game

Although this game is based on fighting, it works like a traditional crash game. The only difference between the two is the interactive element of the Pride Fight casino game. In our opinion, this makes it one of the leading crash-style games shown in our casino guides.

And when you get down to the specifics, it’s clear that the gameplay is user-friendly. To engage in a round or two, you simply need to pick a nation for your fighter, select a bet size, and then decide where to strike your opponent. If you win each mini-round, the multiplier will progress, and you can collect your winnings at any time.

If you lose the mini-round, it’s back to the drawing board.

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Pride Fight Casino Game RTP and Variance

There is no variance rating for this one which we’ve seen with other Evoplay Entertainment casino games. So, while the scale of payouts might be hard to predict, you can expect decent returns due to the 96.25% RTP.

Symbols and Gameplay

With 3D animations, electrifying music, and distinct sound effects as the fighters go at it, it’s hard to not be engrossed. Furthermore, since you’ve got the option to select your fighter, as well as where to strike your opponent, there are several customizable elements. This keeps the adrenaline going, and whatever the outcome, you are sure to have plenty of fun.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Typically, these styles of games have marginally higher bet minimums than other categories. The $1 bet minimum here isn’t surprising, but what is surprising is the $400 bet maximum, which is pretty huge.

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Round ReachedPayout

Pride Fight Game Bonus Features

Although the gaming experience in the Pride Fight game is of the highest quality, it isn’t enhanced by any features. Therefore, the typical structure of each round played is pretty much the same throughout. This may seem disappointing, but it’s important to remember that most crash-style games follow the same pattern.


The combination of crash-style gaming with interactive elements works extremely well. Then again, we are used to such high-quality titles from Evoplay Entertainment. With this in mind, if you are feeling confident in your fighting skills, you may as well enter the ring while you’re here.

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Pride Fight Casino Game FAQs

Can The Round End In A Draw?

Yes, and if this happens, the current prize pot will be halved. You can then continue or take the cashout that’s available.

Can I Just Set The Strike Regions To Be Randomized?

Yes, you can. Instead of tapping on a body part of your opponent, you can tap the “Play” button again to randomize the strikes.

How Often Will I Reach The Later Rounds?

This is the million-dollar question. We have no way of knowing how often you’ll get to the later rounds. But one thing is sure, to get there you have to keep fighting!

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