Red Queen Casino Game

Red Queen Casino Game

Sometimes, the simplest casino games can be the most entertaining. You’ll understand why after experiencing a few rounds of the Red Queen casino game. As for its functionality and features, it’s pretty hard to go wrong—unless you pick the wrong cards!

You are presented with a set of three cards, and the Red Queen is one of them. Of course, your objective is to then find the Red Queen and receive an instant payout of 2.88x.  See, we told you that it doesn’t get much easier than this. But whether or not you can keep the rewards is another story.

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How to Play the Red Queen Casino Game

Getting a taste of the Red Queen casino game really is as straightforward as it gets. When the game has loaded, you’ll see a set of three cards in front of you. Hiding behind one of them is the Red Queen, and your job is to pick the card that has this symbol. If you are correct, you win. If you are incorrect, you lose.

Of course, like all of the classics you can view in our casino guides, you must choose a wager size before diving in. This can be adjusted between rounds, and whatever bet size you pick, it will be multiplied by 2.88x for a correct selection.

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Red Queen Casino Game RTP and Variance

This isn’t the first game from Evoplay Entertainment that has been released with no set variance. We doubt it will be the last, either. But this doesn’t diminish the quality of the game, and with an RTP of 96%, the payouts should be relatively frequent.

Symbols and Gameplay

We quite like the lightning-blue borders surrounding the set of cards. This definitely grabs your attention, and it helps to create pleasing visuals. Beyond that, there is an underlying element of magic as the cards are shuffled between each round. And if you do find the Red Queen, it’s nice to hear the celebratory sound effects.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

No matter how much you have in your account, you can play a few rounds here. That’s because there is an incredibly low bet minimum of $0.01. And if you are a bit of a high-roller, you are also covered due to the $1000 maximum bet. You can jump to these extremes instantly by using the “Min” and “Max” buttons in the control panel.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about complex payout systems here. If you find the Red Queen you will secure a 2.88x payout. This is the one and only payout level in the game.

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Red Queen Game Bonus Features

As you’ve no doubt gleaned from this review, there isn’t a whole load of variety to the Red Queen game online. Unfortunately, this carries over into the bonus department too, meaning there aren’t any notable features.


The Red Queen game might not be one of the most diverse casino games out there, but it’s one that everyone can get involved with. With low bet minimums, simple gameplay, and decent payouts, it’s certainly worth sampling. 

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Red Queen Casino Game FAQs

Is There An “Auto-Play” Function In This Game?

No, but that’s understandable as you are required to pick a card with each round played.

Can I Track Where The Red Queen Is Shuffled To?

While you can try to do that, the shuffle is just there to provide an engaging animation.

Are The Multipliers Progressive In This Title?

No. Each time you find the Red Queen, the payout will stay fixed at 2.88x, even if you find this card several times in a row.

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