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Learn How To Play Live Blackjack in a Few Steps

Learn How To Play Live Blackjack in a Few Steps

In a sentence, a Live Blackjack game is a blackjack variation played online with a live dealer on a device (PC, mobile, etc.) You can follow, play the game in real time, and get the closest feeling compared to playing at a physical blackjack table. And to win the game, you must create an account with the online casino you wish to play at, and learn how to play live Blackjack. Then you can play and interact with the dealer and other players, live.

Follow these Steps When Learning How To Play Live Blackjack

Learning how to play live Blackjack is simple and has the same playing style as traditional Blackjack, except that it’s online. Live Blackjack makes use of eight 52-card decks, and just like the classic version, you play against the dealer’s hand.

You must know how to play American Blackjack in order to play it, as well as any other variant you can find when looking for a live blackjack table, such as European Blackjack, or Pontoon.

  1. Pick a seat

After creating an account at the online casino, you have to pick a dealer’s game and select a seat at your chosen table. To choose a seat, click on any of the available spaces. Most live Blackjack tables can accept up to 7 or 8 players. You can decide to play several hands by playing at more than one table. But you must be active all through the game if you are to play at several tables.

  1. Place a bet

After the table has been filled up, every player must place a bet. But before the normal betting process begins, players are offered to set a “Bet Behind” wager. This bet is placed on whoever you believe will win the game. After that, the normal betting process commences, and you can place your bet. Select the amount you want to bet, and click on it. Several side bets are available to players: Insurance, Perfect Pairs, and 21+3 bets.

  • The insurance bet is a bet that allows players to end a round even if the dealer ends up with a natural Blackjack. You must wager half of your ante bet in order to place an insurance bet.
  • A perfect pair is a bet that your initial card will end up being a pair. For example, a pair of 8s, and so on. You can bet on three types of perfect pairs, namely: Perfect pair (A pair of cards with the same value and suit), colored pair (a pair of cards with different suits but the same color and value), mixed pair (a pair of cards with another suit and color, but the same value.)
  • A 21+3 bet is a bet on your initial card and the dealer’s upcard making any of these suited trips, straight flush, three-of-a-kind, straight, and flush combinations.

Once all players’ bets have been collected, the dealer announces, “Bets closed.”

  • Deal

After placing all bets, the dealer begins dealing cards to all players and himself. The dealer first deals an upcard to every player and himself starting from the dealer’s left in a clockwise motion. After dealing with the first card, he then deals another upcard to all players and a card facing down to himself.

  • Play your cards

Players have to decide to hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender when all cards have been dealt. All these options can be found on the screen, and all you have to do is click whichever you want.

  • Card reveal

After every player has made a decision depending on the cards they have, the dealer then reveals his card facing down. After the reveal, the dealer’s hand and that of every player are compared to determine who has the highest hand value. Whoever has the highest hand value wins. Once the winner has been declared, the winner receives his payout, and the round ends.

Tips for Playing Live Blackjack

Understanding how to play live Blackjack is one thing, and knowing strategies to win is another. Below are a few tips and techniques you can apply when playing live Blackjack.

Understand the rules for playing live blackjack

When you set out to play live blackjack games, you’ll find different Blackjack games in the lobby section. Whichever one you decide to play, you should always learn how to play them. For example, want to know how to win electronic blackjack you should learn to play it first, knowing that standard blackjack variations will apply. Once you understand the variation’s rules thoroughly, you’ll be able to avoid mistakes and play to win.

Understand the different live dealer blackjack charts

One main essence of blackjack charts is to show the result of every specific move you take as a player. When you study the different charts for live Blackjack games, you can make the best decisions after being dealt the initial cards and know what moves make sense.

Examples of Blackjack charts you can find to study are:

  • Single-deck blackjack strategy chart.
  • Double-deck blackjack strategy chart.
  • Multiple-deck blackjack strategy chart.

Final Thoughts

Live dealer blackjack games remain one of the best games that allow you to fully be part of the online gaming process. If you are ready for this immersive gaming experience, visit Slots Paradise casino.

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FAQs – Learn How To Play Live Blackjack in a Few Steps

Can I play live Blackjack for free?

At the moment, there are no online casinos that offer live Blackjack for free.

Are live Blackjack dealers real?

Yes, live Blackjack dealers are real. They operate from a live studio, and you’ll be able to see them as if they were a real casino.