Crash Duel X Casino Game

Crash Duel X Casino Game

Get ready to join the grab for cash in the Crash Duel X game, where the Wild West comes to life on your screen. In this unique game from Smartsoft Gaming, creators of multiple online casino games, there’s no traditional slot grid or paylines. Instead, you’ll place your bets on sheriffs, bandits, or the blazing sun to see who snatches the bag of gold amid a stunning canyon backdrop. With three betting options, the game’s suspense is as vast as the canyon itself. Will the gold crash and fall, or will the clever sheriffs or daring bandits claim victory?

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How to Play Crash Duel X Game

To master how to play the Crash Duel X Game, you should start with the menu on the left for an overview of gameplay essentials. At the heart of the game, place your wagers on the sun for the main crash game or back the sheriffs or bandits, with the bet cost conveniently displayed above. Autoplay lets the action unfold automatically, while the volume control ensures your experience is just right. That’s about it. It’s unique and simple to play, a winning combo!

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Crash Duel X Game RTP and Variance

The Crash Duel X game boasts an RTP of 96%, capturing the adventure of the Wild West in every spin. No variance rating is provided, but the excitement is guaranteed.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Players can bet from 0.05 to 200 coins, offering flexibility for all our members. The unique gameplay means payouts are dynamic, depending on the chosen bet and how long you dare to ride the wave before cashing out.

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Side BetsWins
Sun Crash Bet1.5x to 50x
Sheriffs1.5x to 50x
Bandits1.5x to 50x

Crash Duel X Game Bonus Features

The adventure meets strategy as players choose from three bets: the Sun for the crash or siding with the sheriffs or bandits in a Wild West showdown. As the tension mounts, will you back the law or the outlaws?

The game’s unique twist is that you can combine your bets for a strategy as layered as a canyon’s strata. Whether you’re in it for a quick draw or a long haul, each choice could lead to a gold rush or a tumbleweed roll.

Symbols and Gameplay

In the Crash Duel X game, there is a high-noon standoff, not with cards, but with choices: bet on the radiant sun, the loyal sheriffs, or the crafty bandits. Each visual bet holds the potential for a grand 10,000-coin bounty, turning strategy into big wins if you get the prediction right.

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The Crash Duel X game turns the Wild West into an exciting bet showdown where the sun, sheriffs, and bandits battle for gold. With three unique bets and a potential 10,000-coin win, strategy meets fun in this not-so-typical duel. Whether you side with the law, the outlaws, or the elements, excitement is guaranteed every time you place that bet.

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Crash Duel X Game FAQs

What are the betting options?

In the Crash Duel X game, players can choose to bet on the sun for the main game or opt for side bets on either the sheriffs or bandits. Each choice offers a unique way to win, with strategies varying depending on which side you’re on.

How can I win in the Crash Duel X game?

Winning involves placing your bet wisely among the three options: the sun, sheriffs, or bandits. Success depends on whether your selected team pulls the rope to their side, with the potential to combine bets for a strategic advantage.

Are there any special features?

Yes, the game includes unique betting options that add depth to its gameplay. Players can enjoy the thrill of betting on various outcomes, improving the traditional crash game experience with a Wild West twist.

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