Golden Crab Table Game

Cool Games has generated a quirky yet wonderful game here. To give you the scoop, the Golden Crab table game lets you wager on a very specific journey. This journey concerns the eponymous Golden Crab, and you get to bet on various elements relating to his stroll along the sea bed. 

This crab will face several crossroads in his search for glory. Some offer you a 50:50 chance of guessing correctly, yet the higher payouts aren’t quite as easy to predict. But that’s what makes this game so entertaining as you just never know where the crab will go next.

Reckon you can scoop up rewards in this game? Read our Golden Crab game review and register now to try your luck.

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How to Play the Golden Crab Table Game

Given that the Golden Crab table game, along with other games, doesn’t follow any traditional gaming format, it’s normal to be a bit confused when you first see it. In short, when you play this game, you simply need to predict where the crab will move during his journey. This can be done on the main game screen at a wager size of 50 cents or more.

Should you guess his path correctly, you’ll receive the corresponding payout. But should he venture down a different route, your wager will lose. It is that simple, and you can choose from many betting options to keep things interesting.

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Golden Crab Table Game RTP and Variance

The Golden Crab table game boasts an RTP of 97.00%, which is respectable for a game that follows this format. The real value for those who enjoy regular payouts is found through the low to medium variance rating. This means that wins should appear fairly often.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

You can take a punt on the Golden Crab table game for just 50 cents. However, you can increase this wager size significantly if desired. That’s because the game’s maximum bet is $100. 

Betting ItemsOdds
Down Left1.90
Down Right1.90
Red Chest1.90
Black Chest1.90
Yellow Diamond2.20
Green Gem4.03
Blue Gem4.84
Red Heart9.69

Golden Crab Table Game Bonus Features

As much as we’d love to share some revolutionary bonus features with you here, there aren’t any to report. The only feature that loosely represents a bonus is the payout that corresponds to the Diamond. This could be viewed as a jackpot, even though it isn’t classified as such.

Symbols and Gameplay

Quirky is the best way to describe the gameplay in this one. There aren’t many casino games that ask you to wager on a random journey, but as you’ve seen, that’s how the Golden Crab casino game operates. 

It makes the game unique, and the fact that you can wager on six possible options for each round keeps things fun, even if the graphics aren’t the sharpest in the business.


Think you can accurately predict the path of the Golden Crab? The only way to find out is to give this game a try. To get a piece of the action, just sign up here and place a wager or two.

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Golden Crab Table Game FAQs

Is The Path Of The Crab Purely Random?

Yes, and that’s what keeps the game fair for everyone who chooses to play.

Do I Have To Bet On All Journey Outcomes?

No, you don’t have to. But the more outcomes you wager on, the more chances you have to guess correctly.

Why Do The Odds Gradually Increase?

The odds increase gradually. The chances of picking correctly start at 50% before dropping steadily as the journey progresses.

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