Golden Dragon Casino Game

KA Gaming has whipped up a stunning, multiplayer shooting game in the Golden Dragon casino game. As you join a ton of others who are trying to shoot down all kinds of sea creatures, things can get very hectic very quickly. And if you are wondering what the overall aim is – it’s to try and take down the high-value targets as frequently as possible.

If you can take aim and fire with large-scale success, you can secure a top prize of 300x your stake too. Yet even if you don’t quite reach that range, you will still be treated to a fast-paced title that is hugely enjoyable. 

Want to give the Golden Dragon Game online a try? Read this game review and register here.

Golden Dragon Casino Game RTP and Variance

If you want to know how frequently you will secure a win, the RTP of 96% should give you an idea. However, there is no stated variance, and the returns are based on the creatures that you attempt to take down.

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Golden Dragon Game Bonus Features

There are two features lurking within these waters. The first of these is a Crystal Win feature, which can kill all other crystals on the screen if you take one down. The second feature is the Freeze Bomb. If you hit one of these bombs, the creatures on the screen will freeze, making them sitting ducks.

Symbols and Gameplay

The overall gameplay in the Golden Dragon game is fantastic. There is never a dull moment, and it’s easy to get excited when you hear the cannon firing. Furthermore, the range of symbols and possible payouts is immense. With 28 different symbols in total, it’s an absolute free-for-all when the bullets start flying.

How to Play the Golden Dragon Casino Game 

Like other casino games highlighted in our casino guides, the Golden Dragon casino game adopts a shooting-style mechanic. But first and foremost, you must pick from three game modes: “Bronze”, “Silver”, or “Gold”. The main difference between the three is the betting range and the potential payouts.

Once you’ve selected one, you can pick a bet size and start shooting bullets from your cannon. As you aim at different creatures and stop them in their tracks, you’ll get the respective payout for doing so.

Learn more by tapping the “?” icon.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The bet size here is related to each bullet that you fire at the dynamic fish. The wager options begin at just $0.01 and extend through to $10. Note that each of the 3 game modes has a different betting range.

Small Orange Fish2
Small Striped Fish2
Small Green Turtle3
Small Purple Crab4
Small Goldfish5
Medium Orange Fish with Long Tail6
Medium Red Lobster10
Medium Blue Fish10
Medium Orange Crab12
Large Pufferfish15
Large Turtle18
Blue Stingray20
Purple Stingray25
Dark Blue Flat Fish30
Swordtail Fish50
Golden Whale60
Golden Frowning Fish80
Golden Turtle100
Golden Squid150
Golden Dragon300
Freeze Bomb20


If you’ve got decent aiming skills and you don’t mind a whirlwind environment, the Golden Dragon casino game is a great fit. Give it a try by registering here.

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Golden Dragon Casino Game FAQs

Do I Have To Aim At The Creatures Manually?

No, there is an “Auto-Lock” button that you can use.

Is It Better To Shoot At Larger Or Smaller Creatures?

That depends. Smaller creatures are easier to kill but they have smaller payouts. The opposite is true for larger creatures.

What Happens If I Aim And Miss?

Don’t worry, the bullet will bounce around the screen until it hits something, hopefully a large creature!

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