The Last Quack Casino Game

The Last Quack Game invites you to a calm lakeside adventure where ducks are your best friends and multiplier your treasure. With its unique setup, this game puts aside traditional paylines, focusing instead on fun features like multipliers that boost your winnings, a super-fun bonus game, and the chance to retrigger games for more entertainment. The picturesque setting of a lake surrounded by lush forestry sets the stage for peaceful yet thrilling spins. 

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How to Play The Last Quack Game

Learning how to play The Last Quack Game only takes a few moments, so let’s start with a few simple controls. You can open the Menu for options, and the Paytable is available for potential wins. Don’t forget to check out the Rules for all the nitty-gritty details, too. With the core Spin and Autospin at your fingertips, you are then all set for action. Need more tips for our online slots?

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The Last Quack Game RTP and Variance

Playing the Last Quack online has a 95% RTP and low variance. For those new to this and other gambling games, this is perfect for casual players and smaller bankrolls.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Although there is not a progressive jackpot option on this game, next up are the betting options. You have the option to place bets from 50 to 40,000 coins with the following payouts listed below.

Dark green16
Purple 12

The Last Quack Game Bonus Features

In The Last Quack game, missing all your shots isn’t a bad thing—it kickstarts a bonus round, giving you ten free attempts to make amends. But here’s where it gets exciting: hit more than 6 targets, and your winnings double. Nail more than 8? Enjoy an 8x boost. And if you’re a true sharpshooter hitting all 10 targets, your winnings are given a 100x multiplier. Don’t be fooled by these cute ducks; there are some serious payouts on offer!

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Symbols and Gameplay

In The Last Quack game, you will quickly find that every symbol aligns with the theme, full of colorful ducks from gold through to green and white. The best part is if you decide to duck out early, your game will wait for you to return within a week. Whether you’re hitting low for 2x and 10x or aiming high for 12x and 20x, each shot can lead to feathery fortunes!


Ducks rule the lake here, offering more than a splash of fun with every spin. The unique bonus round that kicks in when you miss targets is perfect, giving you a game that forgives and rewards, making every moment exciting. The chance to multiply winnings up to 100x makes this duck-themed adventure a must-play. So, why not take a quack at it and see if you can bag the big wins at Slots Paradise Casino?

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The Last Quack Game FAQs

How do I start playing the Last Quack game?

To begin, select your bet using the controls provided, then hit the spin button. The aim is to hit as many targets as possible for higher multipliers.

What happens if I don’t hit any targets?

If no targets are hit during a round, you’ll trigger a bonus round with ten free rounds. It’s a second chance to rack up some wins.

Can I save my progress in the Last Quack game?

Yes, your progress is saved for seven days. This means you can return within a week to continue your game from where you left off.

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