Smash X Casino Game

The Smash X game is one for the sports lovers out there! A burly bulldog is your champion boxer, smashing blocks to land you knockout multipliers! This unique game breaks the mold with no traditional slot grid but instead focuses on a singular symbol. It’s all about the thrill of the fight, featuring simple yet powerful gameplay elements like multipliers and an Autospin option to keep the punches rolling. Visuals pack a punch, too, with our canine pugilist showing all of us his skills!

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How to Play Smash X Game

It’s time to learn how to play the Smash X Game, and trust us; this one is as easy as pie!

Hit play to see the bulldog in action or explore How to Play for all the key details of the game. The Mute button has got you covered if you want to bring the noise down, while the Menu offers information on more options. 

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Smash X Game RTP and Variance

Step into the ring of the Smash X game and enjoy the 96% RTP, but you’ll have to play on without the variance info in your corner. We’ll update you once we uncover the finer details.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

All our members are going to love playing Smash X online, and one reason is because of the 0.05 to 200 betting range. Like many of our casino games, it caters to all budgets, so be sure to come and try it out. 

Green Number1.01x to 10,000x

Smash X Game Bonus Features

So, now let’s get into the real nuts and bolts of this, shall we? The Smash X game takes you on an experience where every hit packs a punch with endless multipliers. Choose your moment wisely to stop the timer and claim your multiplier, but beware, your bet could lead to an easy win or a quick knockout. It’s all about timing and courage here. Random rounds might also swing your way, boosting starting multipliers from 1.5x to 5x. It’s a high-stakes bout with high rewards, and we think you will love it!

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Symbols and Gameplay

Get ready to focus all your attention on the single, all-important symbol – the green multiplier. This isn’t just any symbol, though. It holds the power to shoot up from a modest 1.01x up to an eye-watering 10,000x for the patient and the lucky. It’s all about that one big, game-changing punch!

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Our Smash X review has given you everything you need to prepare for your next big bout. So, get in the ring with this boxing game where every punch could lead to big wins and massive multipliers. Don’t miss out on the chance to see if luck’s in your corner.

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Smash X Game FAQs

What are the key features of Smash X?

This game boasts numerous multipliers and a unique challenge: choose when to stop the multiplier. High multiplier values up to 15x can start randomly, making every round exciting.

How does the betting work in the Smash X game?

Bets range from 0.05 to 200 coins, with potential payouts based on the multiplier active when you decide to cash out. The bigger the risk, the higher the potential reward.

Can I play on autopilot?

Yes, the Autospin feature allows you to set the game to play automatically, giving you a hands-free way to enjoy the game. Just remember to monitor your session to keep track of your gameplay.

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