Octopus Legend Casino Game

The colorful coral reef of the Octopus Legend game is based on the unique fishing experience, created by KA Gaming. In short, traditional slot grids and paylines are swapped for an underwater setting. Aim and shoot with the powerful bullet feature, rack up your score with dynamic multipliers, and unlock exciting bonuses as you interact with a host of sea creatures.

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How to the Octopus Legend Game

Discover how to play the Octopus Legend Game with our quick playing guide, so let’s get started.

Firstly, make use of the Menu to access settings and the Options to modify the gameplay. Checking the Paytable for information on prizes and the Rules for specifications about the game is also worthwhile. Next, you can hit the Spin button to start your underwater expedition or activate Autospin for a hands-free experience. 

In addition, our casino guides are available to ensure that you confidently dive into the action, knowing precisely what to expect from this nautical gaming experience.

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Octopus Legend Game RTP and Variance

The game delivers an RTP that stands at 96% and the excitement surges with a high variance. It’s a mix that we know many players love, offering big wins and some added challenges!

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

With bets ranging from $0.10 to $1, the Octopus Legend game makes big wins accessible, like many of our casino table games. Check out the payout table to see what treasures await if you manage to defeat these underwater creatures.

Yellow octopus300-500x
Red octopus100-300x
Gold Whale50x
Gold dolphin40x
Gold stingray40x
Gold turtle30x
Gold jellyfish30x
Lantern fish15x
Black and white 10x
Yellow fish8x
Blue and black6x

Octopus Legend Game Bonus Features

Playing the Octopus Legend online lets you dip your toes into an ocean full of wins The biggest multipliers can skyrocket your wins up to 500x your stake, but let it be known that every shot counts in this underwater quest, where aiming for any of the fish offers all sizes of wins. Get ready for an aquatic adventure where the rewards are as vast as the ocean itself!

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Symbols and Gameplay

This undersea journey with the Octopus Legend game is supported by symbols that bring the ocean to life! From the swirling colors of blue and black fish at 6x your bet to the master of disguise, the octopus, lurking with a massive 500x reward. You’ll be swept up in the experience from the first bet to the last, and checking out the Octopus Legend demo first will put you in the best possible position to make the most of this game.

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Octopus Legend puts you in a position where the sea’s charm meets fun-filled fishing! Here, your aim isn’t just to fish. No, the aim is much grander than that. It’s to target those underwater treasures with precise shots, boosting your wins with major multipliers, all the way up to a stunning 500x the bet. It’s a far shot from the typical slot experience and something we recommend all our members try at least once.

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Octopus Legend Game FAQs

What is the Octopus Legend game?

It’s a unique fishing game without traditional paylines. Instead, players shoot at sea creatures to win prizes, featuring powerful bullets and multipliers.

How do you win payouts during the game?

Winning involves targeting and hitting sea creatures with bullets. The size of your win depends on the creature you hit and the multiplier attached to it.

Can I play the game on mobile devices?

Yes, the Octopus Legend game is designed to be fully compatible with mobile devices. Enjoy this sea adventure on the go, with the same great features and visuals.

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