Ocean Palace Loot from FunTa Gaming

You wouldn’t think that shooting games would feature in online casino catalogs, right? Sure, these casino games are not traditional, but they are great fun. This is certainly true in the case of Ocean Palace Loot by FunTa Gaming. 

All you need to do is take aim and fire for a shot at 10,000x returns. Think you can get the job done? Register now to find out.

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How to Play the Ocean Palace Loot

Our Ocean Palace Loot game review will show you that it’s fair to say that a lot is going on in the Ocean Palace Loot. When you first load the online casino game, you must choose from four levels before doing anything. These levels are color-coded as blue, red, green, and gold. Blue has the lowest minimum bet at 10 cents, and gold has the highest minimum bet at $5.

Of course, you should pick the right bet level that suits your risk tolerance. From here, simply enter the game to let the shooting begin. We’d advise keeping things on autopilot for the shooting, especially when you first try the game.

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Ocean Palace Loot RTP and Variance

Ocean Palace Loot has a medium variance coupled with a 97.50% RTP—not bad for a game following such a format. However, the four different game levels each lead to varying returns.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

To shoot creatures in the deep blue sea, you must first wager anywhere from $0.10 to $500, depending on which level you select at the beginning.

SymbolPayout Range
Small Gray Fish2x-6x
Small Square Fish3x-10x
Small Yellow Fish4x-15x
Small Blue Fish5x-20x
Small Striped Fish5x-25x
Small Box Fish5x-30x
Medium Yellow Fish6x-40x
Medium Spiked Fish8x-50x
Medium Green Fish10x-60x
Medium Puffer Fish12x-80x
Medium Blue Fish12x-80x
Blue Squid14x-100x
Blue Stingray14x-100x
Fish with Tail16x-120x
Glow in the Dark Fish16x-120x
Red Octopus18x-150x
Medium Red Fish18x-150x
Multicolored Fish20x-200x
Purple Stingray30x-300x
Yellow Stingray30x-300x
Purple Big-Toothed Shark 600x-6000x
Red Slim Shark600x-6000x
Purple Swordfish700x-7000x
Blue Swordfish700x-7000x
Blue Hammerhead700x-7000x
Orange Shark700x-7000x
Red Big-Toothed Shark800x-8000x
Purple Slim Shark800x-8000x
Long Nose Shark800x-8000x
Long Nose with Spikes Shark800x-8000x
Multicolored Hammerhead900x-9000x
Shark with Crown900x-9000x
Red Face Shark900x-9000x
Boy on Turtle1000x-10000x

Ocean Palace Loot Bonus Features

The bonus features in this game are linked to special symbols. Normally, these symbols double up as creatures that start to shoot at the others in the game. And while there are different special symbols available, they tend to target all animals on the path for 30 seconds. 

Essentially, the purpose of this is to spread out the attack and score some of the larger payouts.

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Symbols and Gameplay

Ocean Palace Loot casino game is not your average casino game. You’ve got weird and wacky animals zipping through the waters at all times, and the constant noise of gun bursts sets the stage for what’s unfolding. It’s hard not to be enticed by the 3D graphics too, especially when you see the resulting success of a gun burst.

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We hope you’ve got the required energy levels for an intense gaming session. After all, you’re going to need all you’ve got in the tank to target these never-ending fish supplies along the ocean floor. So get some coffee sorted, load up your weapons, and sign up right here to get the adventure started.

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Ocean Palace Loot FAQs

Do The Payouts Adjust Based On The Four Bet Levels?

Yes, and that’s why there is a specified range for each symbol in the paytable.

What Happens When The Warning Sign Is Shown?

This means that the top-paying symbols are about to appear.

What Are The Top-Paying Symbols?

The top-paying symbols include the Boy Riding a Turtle and the Mermaid, both of which have a maximum payout of 10,000x.

Slots Paradise
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Liam Turner
Ocean Palace Loot is an exhilarating adventure!

Ocean Palace Loot is an exhilarating adventure! The immersive gameplay and treasure-hunting excitement keep me hooked. A solid 5-star rating without a doubt!

 by Jackson Roberts
The gameplay is engaging

Ocean Palace Loot is an exceptional slot game! The underwater theme is mesmerizing, and the visuals are stunning. The gameplay is engaging, and the bonus features keep it exciting. Highly recommended for those looking for a captivating and rewarding gaming experience!

 by Isabella Hughes
I'm absolutely hooked on Ocean Palace Loot

I'm absolutely hooked on Ocean Palace Loot! The game offers a perfect blend of adventure and treasure hunting. The interface is user-friendly, and the graphics are visually pleasing. It's a fantastic option for players who enjoy immersive slot games. Five stars all the way!

 by Caleb Henderson
Ocean Palace Loot is a true gem among slot games

Ocean Palace Loot is a true gem among slot games! The attention to detail in the graphics and animations is impressive, bringing the underwater world to life. The gameplay is smooth, and the payouts are generous. A must-play for anyone seeking an exciting and rewarding gaming experience!

 by Oscar Smith
Ocean Palace Loot immerses me in a world of underwater challenges.

Ocean Palace Loot immerses me in a world of underwater challenges. The gameplay is captivating, and the thrill of discovering hidden treasures is truly exhilarating. A perfect 5-star experience!

 by Ella Brown
I'm thoroughly impressed with Ocean Palace Loot!

I'm thoroughly impressed with Ocean Palace Loot! The graphics and animations create an authentic oceanic atmosphere. This game is a true gem for adventure and gaming enthusiasts alike.

 by Ava Peterson
Ocean Palace Loot is a real delight to play

Ocean Palace Loot is a real delight to play! The ocean-themed symbols and serene background make it a visually pleasing experience. The user interface is clean and intuitive, and the gameplay is smooth and exciting. I highly recommend Ocean Palace Loot for its enjoyable gameplay and immersive atmosphere!

 by Noah Turner
The interface is sleek and responsive

Ocean Palace Loot is an excellent choice for slot game enthusiasts! The underwater theme creates a sense of adventure and discovery. The interface is sleek and responsive, creating an immersive gaming experience. Five stars to Ocean Palace Loot for its entertainment value and thrilling gameplay!

 by Benjamin Parker
Ocean Palace Loot is a fantastic slot game

Ocean Palace Loot is a fantastic slot game! The underwater theme and treasure-hunting elements make it a thrilling experience. The graphics are visually impressive, and the gameplay is engaging. Five stars to Ocean Palace Loot for its entertainment value and exciting gameplay!

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