Old West Casino Game

Scratch-off games aren’t for everyone. But if you love the fast-paced and direct style of gaming that they provide, you’ll adore the Old West casino game. This release from Evoplay Entertainment plays out in a town that is a little too quiet for our liking. In fact, being on edge is quite common as cowboys and sheriffs let loose.

Besides the setting, this game operates on a 3×3 grid where you must match symbols for corresponding payouts. At their peak, these payouts are fixed at 77x, which is rather mouth-watering. To unearth these returns, you must become the boss of this Wild West town.

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How to Play the Old West Casino Game

There are two moving parts to the Old West Casino Game, and it takes a matter of moments to master them. The first part is to control the purchase price/bet size when grabbing your scratch-offs. You can dictate this variable using the icons alongside the “Bet” button beneath the grid.

The second moving part comes when you scratch off each of the nine symbols to reveal your rewards, if any. If that sounds like too much of a hassle, you can reveal all symbols at once by tapping the “Play” button for the second time. 

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Old West Casino Game RTP and Variance

When exploring scratch-off games, the payout structures are often less complex than other gaming categories. This has set the stage for the 96.05% RTP and low/medium variance that the Old West game has to offer. 

Symbols and Gameplay

The setting of this game is excellent. You get to scratch off each card while stuck in the middle of a desolate high street. Classic Wild West music is played too, and this complements the quite remarkable aesthetics. 

As for other elements that improve the quality of this one, we love the evil-looking vulture perched next to the grid. He constantly moves around and brings the game to life, and he always celebrates your payouts. He’s a real team player!

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Players have all kinds of bet levels to browse through in this game. Wagers start as low as $0.10, which is ideal if you want to keep the risks low. Wagers can be increased to $400 at the top end of the scale. Your bet size is then combined with the multipliers shown below to produce your overall return.

Tribal Headgear20
Cowboy Hat35
Sheriff Badge77

Old West Game Bonus Features

There are many positive elements that benefit your gaming experience here. If there is an area where the Old West casino game falls short, it’s definitely the bonuses. There aren’t really any features that help to adapt the base game or alter the payouts. But when you compare this title to similar games in our casino guides, this is fairly standard.


If you are looking for some quickfire fun with the possibility of bagging hefty returns, the Old West casino game is a perfect choice. But is you want to try something really different and with great RTP, you may want to try the Texas Hold’em game.

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Old West Casino Game FAQs

Does This Game Have An Auto-Play Feature?

Yes, and it can be used to purchase up to 100 games at a time.

Can I Toggle The Music/Sound Effects Off If I Want?

Absolutely. If you’re not a fan of the backing music or sound effects, they can be switched off in the settings.

How Likely Is It That I’ll Land The 77x Top Prize?

Given the low/medium variance, these higher prizes won’t come through all that often. But you just never know!

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