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Roll the Dice Casino Game

Roll the Dice Casino Game

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All casino games have a primary focus that determines the nature of your wager and your potential payout. And in this instance, as the name reflects, the Roll the Dice casino game uses dice as the main focus. In this simple yet effective game from Evoplay Entertainment, you bet on whether the next number will be higher or lower than the one selected.

For example, if you pick 5, you can bet whether the next roll will be over or under. Since you get to pick the number, you’ve got a degree of control over the risks involved. On that note, if you go for the ultimate risk, you can receive a payout of up to 34.56x your bet.

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How to Play the Roll the Dice Game Online

It is incredibly easy to play this game, and that’s not hyperbole. To set things up, you must increase or decrease the fixed number on the dice. This goes from 3 to 11, and it’s this number that you use to mark your over/under bets. On that note, you can pick from a wide range of wagers here before you roll the dice.

These start at $1, but you can increase this amount to find your perfect wager. As for the over/under selection, if you are correct, you’ll get the multiplier shown in the top right of the screen. You can also engage in an optional risk game, but that’s completely up to you.

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Roll the Dice Casino Game RTP and Variance

Due to the RTP of 98%, this is one of the most valuable of all games found in our casino guides. It should produce some frequent returns, although it depends on how you play. And since you’ve got the choice of which number to use as your marker, the game pretty much covers all variance ratings from low to high.

Symbols and Gameplay

The diversity of gameplay here probably won’t win awards anytime soon. But with a 3D animation showing the dice flowing out of a mug, each round feels somewhat realistic. Apart from that, Evoplay Entertainment has clearly opted for more of a minimalistic approach.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

It will cost $1 per dice roll if you wish to participate in this one. However, while this wager size is nice and low, you can push it as high as $1000 if you are feeling adventurous. Of course, this isn’t advised unless you can afford this kind of stake. 

As for the payouts in the Roll the Dice casino game, they range from 1.05x to 34.56x. 

Roll the Dice Game Bonus Features

Following a win, you can hit the “Risk” button to play a mini-game where you risk your recent payout to win more. Here you must pick 3 numbers from a possible 6. If the proceeding dice roll produces one of your chosen numbers, the return will double. You can do this six consecutive times!


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Roll the Dice Casino Game FAQs

Is It Worth Playing The Risk Bonus Game?

Sure, if you want to improve on your original payout it’s worth taking a look.

Does The Game Work Well On Mobile Devices?

Yes, it works perfectly fine on tablets and smartphones, provided they are relatively modern.

Can I Collect My Winnings In The Risk Bonus?

Yes. Although you can gamble your winnings 6 times in a row, you can collect them at any point.

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Over/Under Choices
$1 Bet Minimum
34.56x Top Payout
Roll and Win Format
98% RTP
Bonus Risk Game