Scratch Dice Slot Game

Scratch Dice Slot provides players with a dice scratch card experience. It’s different from other online slots on the market and is incredibly interesting.

When you scratch off the front panel, dice appear. This simple gameplay keeps players fully engaged from the first scratch to the last.

Read our Scratch Dice Slot Review and get your virtual coin ready to start scratching away at the panels to reveal big wins. Play the Scratch Dice Demo for free!

The game begins even before you play. Equip yourself with our trusted online casino reviews.

How to Play Scratch Dice Slot

The controls for Scratch Dice Slot are very simple to understand. There’s nothing confusing here.

At the bottom right, players can view their stake level. The game sets all stakes at 1.00, and you can’t edit that.

There are two control buttons in play here. On the left-hand side, you’ll find a skip button, which allows you to skip the current card. On the right is a buy button where you can purchase the card. After purchasing a card, it changes to a reveal card which then scratches off the covering.

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Scratch Dice Slot RTP and Variance

There’s no RTP available on Scratch Dice. This is because it’s slightly different from other casino online slot games on the market. It’s a scratch card with a single reel rather than a typical 5×3 slot.

The variance is also unavailable. Again, this is due to it adopting a slightly different approach than standard video slot casino games

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Dice Value3 on a Payline
Triple 110x
Triple 215x
Triple 320x
Triple 425x
Triple 530x
Triple 640x
Golden Ticket
Triple 130x
Triple 260x
Triple 390x
Triple 4120x
Triple 5150x
Triple 6180x

Scratch Dice Slot Bonus Features

There’s a single bonus feature included in Scratch Dice: the Golden Ticket feature. Whenever a card is awarded that scratches off dice numbers in order (1, 2, 3, for example), it will instantly award a Golden Ticket. The Golden Ticket can then be scratched off. 

The Golden Ticket doesn’t offer anything different from the standard scratch card in terms of how it plays. However, what it does offer is an increased Paytable.  There isn’t a guaranteed win when a Golden Ticket is awarded, but with the increased payouts that are available it’s certainly a big positive if you manage to land one.

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Symbols and Gameplay

In terms of the symbols that are offered here, the dice is all you will find. On each scratch, the only thing that can appear are the dice. There aren’t any Wilds or Scatters. However, it is still relatively simple to understand and is well below the symbols that appear on normal video slot games. 

The gameplay is all based around scratching off the front of the card. It’s just like a real scratch card transferred to the virtual world. The Golden Ticket is what most players will be aiming for as it provides much higher payouts compared to the standard scratch card.


If you want something a little bit different from normal video slots then Scratch Dice could be perfect for you. It’s quick to play and easy to understand, which makes it an excellent starting point for players who are new to these games. It also has a nice Bonus Round which isn’t always offered by scratch slots. 

Why not make a change and try out this virtual scratch card? It will help you to scratch that itch.

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Scratch Dice Slot FAQs

Is There a Bonus Round Included?

Yes, there is the Golden Ticket. It gives players much higher payouts.

Can Wild Symbols Help To Create Wins?

No, they can’t. There are no Wild symbols featured in this game.

What is the Maximum Payout?

Up to 180x the stake can be won here.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Scarlett Stewart
I would say this is a game I can continuously enjoy for a long time

I would say this is a game I can continuously enjoy for a long time, especially since it brought so many features together.

 by Austin Thompson
The game has superb graphics and design

The game has superb graphics and design that would make you enjoy your time while playing and even give you a perfect experience.

 by Emily Poirier
This game is different from the usual slot.

This game is different from the usual slot. It is not a surprise going by the name. And I wasn’t disappointed with the game.

 by Madelyn Johnson
This is a perfect choice for any player who enjoys dice games

This is a perfect choice for any player who enjoys dice games. You can always enjoy playing the slot; the experience is better than average.

 by Jayden King
I didn’t find any special symbols

Slot fans like me might not enjoy this game because it is more of a lottery game than spinning and landing winning combinations. And I didn’t find any special symbols.

 by Noah Brown
I would recommend this game to any casino game lover

I would recommend this game to any casino game lover. It has so many things to offer, and undoubtedly, you’ll enjoy all the goodies attached to it. 

 by Hunter Simard
I love and would continue to try

I’ve been playing slots for a long time, and Scratch Dice gives me a different experience that I love and would continue to try.

 by Hunter White
I didn’t understand the game at first

I didn’t understand the game at first. But eventually, I was able to get the hang of it, and as a result, it is now one of my favorites.

 by James Simard
This game is a top-notch option for players who want to try lottery games

This game is a top-notch option for players who want to try lottery games. It is an incredible one that has enough features for all players.

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