Thimbles Game by Evoplay Entertainment

Welcome to the enchanting realm of the Thimbles Evoplay Entertainment game online! Brought to life by the renowned provider, Evoplay Entertainment, Thimbles beckons with its sparkling allure. Picture this: a delightful guessing casino game that doesn’t just test your intuition but showers you with exhilarating prizes. Ladies, isn’t it about time you indulge in a game made for your essence? Let’s embark on this charming adventure, and remember, every guess could lead to splendid rewards! 

How to Play Thimbles Game by Evoplay Entertainment

Evoplay has masterfully crafted yet another captivating game that promises to keep you engrossed. Welcome to an instant game experience that draws inspiration from the Monty Hall problem, featuring three enticing containers, with one hiding a precious gem. Launching the game, you’re presented with these three containers, and on the right, a helpful history panel to track your game. A user-friendly control panel awaits at the bottom. 

Here’s how to dive in: First, decide on your stake using the intuitive command bar. Once your bet is set, the real fun begins! Simply click on the game grid, selecting the container you believe conceals the gem. If your intuition shines and you pick correctly, a rewarding payout awaits. A wrong guess? No worries, the game offers a fresh start with shuffled containers, giving you another chance to spot the gem-laden container.

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Thimbles Game by Evoplay Entertainment RTP and Variance

When it comes to the statistical side, Thimbles doesn’t disappoint. With an RTP of 96%, players can look forward to a favorable return rate. It also offers a low-variance online casino experience, providing frequent smaller payouts. However, patience is key for those larger wins.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In Thimbles, your betting range is flexible. Opt for as little as $1 or go up to a maximum of $100 for each guess.

Thimbles Game by Evoplay Entertainment Bonus Features

While Thimbles doesn’t offer traditional bonuses like other games, it still packs a thrilling punch. The game keeps you on edge as you anticipate wins. Integrated features, such as the history bar and the min/max buttons, elevate your gameplay. The history bar showcases your past victories, aiding in strategizing for upcoming plays. Meanwhile, the min and max buttons effortlessly allow you to set your preferred bet amounts. These tools are designed to enhance your gaming journey, ensuring a delightful experience.

Symbols and Gameplay

Thimbles Evoplay Entertainment casino game draws inspiration from the Monty Hall problem, offering a straightforward yet engaging gaming experience. Though it doesn’t boast intricate backgrounds, its vibrant color palette ensures it captivates at every turn. Thoughtfully designed, its command bar sits comfortably at the reel’s base, enabling easy game manipulation. Complementing the visuals, an ambient soundtrack plays in the background, enhancing your engagement. Moreover, its crisp graphics ensure a smooth gameplay experience, making it effortless for players to dive into the game.


Thimbles Evoplay Entertainment game online is a refreshing divergence from the norm. Perfectly tailored for mid-aged women seeking an exquisite blend of intuition and luck, this game promises exhilarating rewards with every correct guess. And with its charming graphics, intuitive gameplay, and bountiful bonuses, Thimbles is an absolute gem in the realm of online gaming.

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Thimbles Game by Evoplay Entertainment FAQs

How is Thimbles different from other instant games?

Thimbles seamlessly combines the thrill of guessing with generous rewards, offering a unique gaming experience by Evoplay Entertainment.

Can I practice before placing real bets?

Yes, most online platforms provide a demo version, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics.

What’s the significance of the gemstone in the game?

The gemstone is pivotal to the game. Guessing the container that conceals the stone results in wins. It’s the heart of Thimbles!

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