Wheel of Time Game by Evoplay Entertainment

Wheel of Time Game by Evoplay Entertainment

Step into a world where time is but a spin away! The Wheel of Time Evoplay Entertainment game online captivates with its allure and charm. Conjured by the illustrious provider, Evoplay Entertainment, this instant-win game is set to redefine your online casino escapades. Dive into a gaming realm that’s both enchanting and rewarding. Ladies, the wheel beckons – are you ready to see where time takes you?

How to Play Wheel of Time Game by Evoplay Entertainment

The Wheel of Time stands out with its distinctive features, making every play session a roller-coaster of emotions. To immerse yourself, begin by setting your desired bet amount using the user-friendly command bar, conveniently located at the screen’s base. Once satisfied with your stake, all it takes is a click of the spin button, situated on the display’s right side, to set the wheel in motion.

Now, here’s where the true magic happens: The wheel isn’t just a singular entity; it comprises three intricately intertwined wheels. Each wheel gleams with multipliers and tantalizing ‘next level’ sectors. If fortune favors and the wheel halts on a multiplier, you’re instantly rewarded, and then the journey restarts. But should you land on the ‘next level’ sector, expect your heart rate to spike as the second wheel springs to life, promising even higher multipliers. The pinnacle of success? Reaching the outermost wheel, where the promise of a multiplier, up to a whopping 100x your total bet, awaits.

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Wheel of Time Game by Evoplay Entertainment RTP and Variance

Venture into favorable odds with an RTP of 96.27%. Wheel of Time stands out with its medium variance. This means that while players can anticipate relatively frequent wins, there’s also the thrill of more substantial prizes looming around the corner. With each round, you stand a chance to magnify your stakes!

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Wheel of Time Evoplay Entertainment casino game offers players a flexible betting range, accommodating both conservative betters and high rollers. Choose to place a wager as low as $0.10 or go big with a bet up to $100. As you navigate through this thrilling experience, remember the potential to hit a staggering win of up to $7500 awaits.

Wheel of Time Game by Evoplay Entertainment Bonus Features

The base gameplay of the Wheel of Time instant game already offers an engaging experience. But what truly elevates its allure is its unique bonus feature. Intricately inlaid gems adorn the wheels, waiting to be illuminated. Should the pointer gracefully land upon these gems, they’ll shimmer and light up, ushering you into an exhilarating bonus round replete with multipliers. Enhancing the overall gameplay, the user-friendly interface also boasts a ‘spin’ and a ‘history’ button, allowing you to immerse more deeply into the game.

Unfortunately, the Wheel of Time game does not have any other bonus features incorporated. You will not find any wild symbols, free spins or scatter symbols like other games. But this does not mean you will not have fun instead you will be hooked to the adrenaline that it gives when playing.

Symbols and Gameplay

Adorned with a mesmerizing blend of colors, its visual appeal is undeniable. The user-friendly command bar is thoughtfully located at the game’s base, empowering players to navigate with ease. Adding to the ambiance, a melodious soundtrack ensures players are audibly entertained throughout their gaming journey. Boasting impeccable graphics, the game promises a smooth and immersive experience for every player. While the game generously offers consistent payouts, patience might just reward you with those coveted larger wins. 


The Wheel of Time by Evoplay Entertainment is a game-changer in the world of casino games. Shunning the well-trodden path of regular slots, it introduces players to a whirlwind of excitement, all centered around a single spin. Crafted to resonate with our avid players, it’s not just a game; it’s a journey through time, filled with multipliers, bonuses, and bountiful prizes. Ready to see where time takes you?

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Wheel of Time Game by Evoplay Entertainment FAQs

How is Wheel of Time different from traditional slots?

Unlike slots that rely on reel alignments, Wheel of Time is an instant-win game where players spin a wheel to win multipliers and prizes.

Can I play the Wheel of Time game on mobile?

Absolutely! Evoplay Entertainment ensures that the game is optimized for both desktop and mobile play.

Is the game suitable for beginners?

Yes! With its user-friendly design and clear instructions, it’s perfect for players of all levels.

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