Book of Keno Evoplay Entertainment Online Game

Get ready for a thrilling adventure with the Book of Keno Evoplay Entertainment online game. Evoplay Entertainment, the world-class provider of this exciting game, has masterfully designed it with a classy touch, specifically for our wonderful players. This game is a unique blend of the classic Keno game infused with a modern twist, offering a delightful gaming experience. So, grab your lucky numbers and let’s dive into the world of Book of Keno. Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure. Play now and embark on an unforgettable online casino journey!

How to Play Book of Keno Evoplay Entertainment Online

Playing this casino game is a breeze: Initiate the game by selecting your desired bet amount; choose anywhere from 1 to 10 numbers, or if you prefer, use the random button for automatic selection; then simply hit the spin button and wait for your payout, which will be calculated based on the number of numbers you guessed correctly. To start, press the bet button, which you’ll find below the grid of numbers and to the right of the spin scarab. You can choose a total bet anywhere between $1 and $100. Subsequently, you’ll need to select between one and ten keno numbers from the 36 that are displayed on the screen.

Once you’re ready, press the scarab and observe as ten numbers are illuminated as the random winning numbers. If any of the numbers selected match yours, you’re a winner! Before you spin again, you can adjust your bet and change any or all of your selected keno numbers. These instructions remain consistent whether you play Book of Keno for free or with real money, with the only difference being that in the free version, you won’t be spending actual money.

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Book of Keno Evoplay Entertainment Online RTP and Variance

The RTP (Return to Player) for Book of Keno Evoplay Entertainment online is a generous 96.11%. Moreover, it has a medium variance, which means you can expect fairly frequent wins of a decent size. This combination makes the game an attractive option for players seeking a balance between risk and reward. Therefore, whether you are a risk-taker or a cautious player, the Book of Keno online is an ideal game for you.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Book of Keno online Evoplay Entertainment allows a wide range of bet sizes, making it suitable for all budgets. The minimum bet is $1, and the maximum is $100. The paytable below shows the potential wins for each number of matches.

Numbers selectedMultiplier
10x0.00 – x100.00
9x0.00 – x85.00
8x0.00 – x70.00 
7x0.00 – x60.00
6x0.00 – x55.00
5x0.00 – x35.00
4x0.50 – x21.00
3x1.00 – x7.60
2x1.50 – x4.78

Book of Keno Evoplay Entertainment Online Bonus Features

The Book of Keno online Evoplay Entertainment game may appear to be a video slot, but it is actually an instant-win game modeled after a keno lottery board. This means it does not include typical slot game bonus features like wilds or free spins. However, despite the absence of bonus features, it does offer several convenient features that make playing the game a breeze. For example, if you prefer not to select your own numbers for each round, you can simply press the random button and let the game choose for you. Additionally, the autospin button allows you to play up to 100 rounds automatically.

Symbols and Gameplay

The symbols in the Book of Keno Evoplay Entertainment casino game are inspired by the classic Keno game, featuring numbers from 1 to 36. The game merges the aesthetics of Ancient Egypt with a Keno game, set against a temple backdrop and featuring a color palette of gold, blue, and brown.


The Book of Keno online game is a must-try for all our avid gamblers out there. With its Egyptian design, engaging gameplay, and exciting payouts, it offers a delightful gaming experience. Moreover, the flexibility in bet sizes and the medium variance make it suitable for all types of players. So, why wait? Play now and let the fun begin!

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Book of Keno Evoplay Entertainment Online FAQs

Can I play Book of Keno Evoplay Entertainment online for free?

Yes, most online casinos offer a demo version of the game, allowing you to play for free.

Is there a strategy to win at Book of Keno online?

Keno is primarily a game of luck. However, selecting a mix of high and low numbers and managing your bankroll wisely can increase your chances of winning.

What is the maximum win in Book of Keno Evoplay Entertainment casino game?

The maximum win in the Book of Keno Evoplay Entertainment casino game is $7,500.

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