Captain Domino Table Game 

Captain Domino Table Game 

Captain Domino is a rather fearsome banker who holds all the cards in this classic game. Your role in the Captain Domino table game is to bet on one of four outcomes in the hope that you can beat this banker. This is achieved by revealing dominoes that boast a higher total than the captain himself. Easy, right?

Well, not exactly. Not all of the four outcomes will beat the banker’s total, and if your selected hand doesn’t, you lose. At the same time, you could snag bigger payouts through specific domino combinations and there is even a community jackpot on offer!

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How to Play the Captain Domino Table Game

At first glance, the Captain Domino table game might not make much sense. After all, it’s quite a unique creation. So let us quickly explain how things work. You bet on four different card suits, as shown in the main interface. Each suit has two sets of dominoes behind it, and you win by landing dominoes that contain a higher value than the banker’s set.

But that’s not all. Adding to this heads-up format, you could grab enhanced multipliers and even hit the jackpot—it depends on what dominoes you reveal.

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Captain Domino Table Game RTP and Variance

The RTP of the Captain Domino table game is surprisingly high at 98.50%. This is up there with some of the most valuable casino games supplied by Cool Games. Supporting this top-tier RTP rating is a medium variance.

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The Casino Experience: Topics You Need to Know

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Captain Domino table game has a huge betting range, which lends itself to punters of all backgrounds. For clarity, the betting range goes from 10 cents to $100.

Qiu Qiu2x
Big Cards3x
Small Cards4x
Twins Cards5x
Six Devils6x

Captain Domino Table Game Bonus Features

This classic table game may not showcase the usual bonus features found in other games. However, with its enhanced multipliers for specific domino combinations, they can undoubtedly be seen as a bonus. As detailed in the paytable, these multipliers range from 2x to 6x, in addition to the standard payouts.

And, there’s also a tempting jackpot prize up for grabs.

Cool Games has gone the extra mile, not just sticking to the norms but integrating features that set it apart from other games.

Symbols and Gameplay

The gameplay in the Captain Domino table game might not rival what you’d expect from sweepstakes casino games, but its charm lies elsewhere. We found the gameplay to be efficient with fitting graphics, leading to a delightful experience. Though the visuals may not be extraordinary, they meet the essential criteria.

Moreover, the thrill of being part of a game with numerous other competitors simultaneously is palpable. Players also have the advantage of seeing where the community is placing their bets before the action starts, adding an engaging twist often seen in sweepstakes casino games.


The Captain Domino online casino game is a no-nonsense, heads-up game that can serve up hours of fun. As you’ve seen in this review, it won’t take long to learn. And once you’ve locked the rules down, you can strive to beat the banker time and time again—all for a low bet minimum. 

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Captain Domino Table Game FAQs

Can I Bet On More Than One Outcome At A Time?

Yes, you can. This is something that players do to improve their overall chances.

Are There Any “Gamble” Features In This Game?

No, there are no such options available here.

How Does The Auto-Play Function Work?

It works by allowing you to pre-set the number of games that you want to play, and then you can kick back and watch things unfold.

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