Pachinko 2 Game by Vibra Gaming

Pachinko 2 Game by Vibra Gaming

Lightning-fast bingo gaming — welcome to the Pachinko 2 Game from Vibra Gaming. The principle here is simple, grab between 1 and 4 cards and hope that the bingo balls match the numbers on your cards. The more you match, the better the returns. 

If you’re close to a win after 30 calls, optional “Extra Balls” are offered for a price. This means you can take a risk to try and complete a payline, but nothing is guaranteed, and since this is all packaged into a rapid 90-ball bingo experience, there’s plenty to shout about. 

How to Play the Pachinko 2 Game

If you’ve never tried online bingo, things may seem complex. But don’t worry, a few games in, and you will know how to play like a veteran. 

Firstly, you must pick a combination of credits and cards per round. These vary from 1-10 credits and 1-4 cards. When ready, select the large button to let the balls fly.

As the round progresses, numbers get crossed off automatically. In the end, you will have either bagged a win or have the option to take extra balls for a fee.

Check out all game mechanics via the “?” button.

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Pachinko 2 Game RTP and Variance

The RTP in Pachinko 2 online is notably impressive compared to other games, at a remarkable 99.35%. However, Vibra Gaming hasn’t supplied a variance rating for this game.

If you want to learn more about RTP and variance, read our casino guides.

For games with similar RTP values, try a progressive jackpot.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Buying a card in the Pachinko 2 game costs anywhere from $0.25 to $10. You control the purchase price and the number of credits assigned to each card. It starts at a single credit, but you can assign as many as 10 credits to each card if desired. In short, the more credits assigned to a card, the greater the payouts will be if that card is a winner.

Speaking of payouts, these start at 3x and rise to 1,500x in standard rounds. However, this one has a progressive jackpot, much like its cousin, Pachinko 3, which you can check out in our game reviews. This prize is significantly greater than 1,500x, and it’s won if you land the bingo pattern on four cards inside the first 30 calls. 

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Pachinko 2 Game Bonus Features

Pachinko 2 has two appealing features. First, you can pursue a winning combination even if the original game doesn’t produce a payout. After 30 balls, an on-screen pop-up with “Yes” or “No” icons for the extra ball is shown. This is optional, but the risk can be worth it if you complete a full payline.

Additionally, the progressive jackpot is something special in the Pachinko 2 game. You must play with 4 cards to activate this feature, and your bet per card determines the percentage payout for this jackpot prize.

Symbols and Gameplay

There isn’t backing music or animations to distract you. It’s static until the balls drop from above. This occurs at a progressively quicker speed, and subtle sounds let you know when the balls slot into place. As for the visuals, the multicolored bingo balls provide a nice touch. 


Bingo online isn’t for everyone, but the Pachinko 2 game helps to dispel any misconceptions that bingo games aren’t engaging or rewarding. In fact, this game is quite the opposite.

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Pachinko 2 Game FAQs

Can I Adjust The Speed Of Play?

Yes, hit “Turbo” to crank things up.

Is Auto-Play Available In This Game?

Yes, and it lets you play 5-100 rounds at a time on autopilot.

Can I Buy Extra Balls Automatically?

Yes. You can set 1-10 automatic buys for extra balls in the settings.

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