Pachinko 3 Game by Vibra Gaming

The Pachinko 3 Game has become a successful title for Vibra Gaming. Venturing into bingo games was a bold move for the provider, but it has reaped rewards. With standard payouts as high as 3,000x and opportunities to sink progressive jackpots, the value is off the charts. Secure a full house on 1-4 cards for the top prizes in this engaging, 75-ball bingo title. 

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How to Play the Pachinko 3 Game

You first need to know that this is a 75-ball bingo game. You must purchase 1-4 cards and assign 1-10 credits to each. This determines your total bet and potential payouts per card.

Forty-four balls drop at random, all displayed in the center square. If you’ve formed a win at this point, you receive the respective payout. If you are missing one ball from a payout, extra balls roll in.

As the name suggests, this game is part of a series of Pachinko versions. View all types of games in our game reviews section.

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Pachinko 3 Game RTP and Variance

The Pachinko 3 Game lacks specific variance information, a not uncommon scenario. Its RTP is moderately set at 91.57%, not ideal for online casino players who prefer frequent small wins, but still notable for offering up to 3000x maximum payouts.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Unless you choose to play Pachinko 3 free in demo mode, you must bet at least $0.25 to get involved. This minimum bet expands to $10 at the far end of the scale. Note that while this is the betting range per card, you can also assign 1-10 credits per card. This multiplies your bet size by 1x to 5x, bolstering your possible returns.

Base game payouts extend as high as 3,000x your stake for any individual card. If a full house drops inside 44 calls on all four cards, the progressive jackpot is yours!

Pachinko 3 Game Bonus Features

The beauty of Pachinko 3 online is that it has two features that aren’t immediately apparent to the naked eye. That’s because they only appear every so often, and when they do, it’s time to celebrate. One of these features covers the progressive jackpot, which is won by scoring a full house on all four cards within 44 calls. By nature, this prize will keep climbing until someone wins it.

Additionally, the word “Pachinko” floats above the main grid. If you land the right numbers and light up all the letters, a bonus payout of 500x is instantly awarded.

Symbols and Gameplay

The gameplay in the Pachinko 3 Game is quick and exciting. It’s quicker if you initiate Turbo Mode. As for its mechanics, the animated ball drops are cool, and the flashing squares on the in-play cards make you crave those top prizes. All in all, these elements make this title a standout of casino games free to enjoy.


This is one version of bingo online that truly removes any slow or boring perceptions players might have. It’s lightning fast, the payout possibilities are immense, and it has great features — all the right ingredients for maximum enjoyment.

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Pachinko 3 Game FAQs

Do I Pay For The Extra Balls?

Unless you are on the verge of winning the major prize, yes, you must pay for extra balls.

Is The Progressive Jackpot Always On Offer?

No, you must play with four active cards to keep this prize open.

Is Pachinko 3 Available For Mobile Play?

Yes. It works perfectly on the latest smartphone devices.

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