Penalty Series Casino Game

Penalty Series Casino Game

The Penalty Series casino game gives you an opportunity to step up and become a legend for your nation. You can pick from a series of national soccer teams, and as you attempt to score goals, the rewards can start flying in thick and fast. Not only do you need to score goals, but you’ve got to save shots from the opposing team too.

You’ve got plenty of flexibility regarding how you wager on this game. You can either take things one step at a time, or you can lock in side bets to keep the good times rolling. As for what you can win, the highest return here is 61.44x your bet. 

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How to Play the Penalty Series Game Online

As usual, our game reviews are here to save the day! Given that this game is highly interactive, there are a few more elements to it than most. At the base level, your role here is to score goals for your chosen nation while saving shots from your opponents. This plays out in a penalty shoot-out format, hence the name!

Each of the rounds can host 3 attempts at goal plus 3 attempts at saving a penalty. And each time you are successful, the multiplier will increase. If you’re feeling confident, you can keep going. But if you want to take the money and run, you can collect the accumulated prize pot at any moment.

Side bets can also be made in the Penalty Series casino game. By making these bets, the round may continue even if you are unsuccessful with a penalty kick or save.

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Penalty Series Casino Game RTP and Variance

No matter how you choose to play this one, frequent payouts should be a factor thanks to an RTP of 96%. With that said, there is no exact variance assigned to the game.

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Symbols and Gameplay

The gameplay here is spectacular. Among the roaring crowds and flashing lights, your heart will pump hard as you step up to the penalty spot. As you stand there and think about the legacy you’re about to leave, you’ve got nice theme music to fuel the sense of anticipation. 

At the same time, the ability to choose teams and control your shots/movement is very cool indeed.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

To participate in a round, you have to bet at least $1. This is the minimum accepted bet, whereas the maximum is $2400. Clearly, that’s a huge maximum, and it’s far greater than other top games shown in our casino guides.

Level ReachedPayout

Penalty Series Game Bonus Features

The primary feature of this game relates to the side bets that can be made. You’ve got five options for side bets—3 Attacks, 3 Defenses, Any 4, Any 5, and a Combo Ticket. These can provide additional payouts to go with the base game performance, with the highest multiplier set at 61.44x for a Combo Ticket.


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Penalty Series Casino Game FAQs

What Are My Options With A Combo Ticket?

You must pick the outcomes for all six plays in the shootout. If you get them all correct, you’ll earn the highest possible multiplier.

Will I Always Play Against The Same Team?

No, you’ll play against a different team every time you engage in a round.

Can I Enjoy This Game On My Smartphone?

Absolutely. Although the Penalty Series casino game is highly interactive, it is still perfectly suited for gaming on a smartphone.

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