Scratch Match Online Evoplay Entertainment Game

Imagine a game wrapped in eye-catching golden tones, shimmering with the promise of thrills and designed specifically for the sophisticated you. Introducing the Scratch Match online Evoplay Entertainment game, the brainchild of the renowned provider, Evoplay Entertainment. Inspired by the elegance and charm of mid-aged women, this game aims to be your next online casino obsession. Ready to sparkle with each spin? Dive in this game review and let the game sweep you off your feet.

How to Play Scratch Match Online Evoplay Entertainment

Every time you initiate the Scratch Match Evoplay Entertainment game, you’re presented with a choice of four distinct cards, each beckoning with its own allure. These cards are your gateway to the exciting world of this game. Deliberate and choose the card that resonates most with your instincts. Once your heart is set on a card, proceed by clicking the ‘Start’ button, signaling your entry into the game.

The next step is sheer anticipation. Using your cursor, gently scratch away the surface of the chosen card, revealing what lies beneath. The thrill intensifies as you uncover symbols, hoping they align with the winning combinations detailed in the card’s instructions. Should fortune favor you and the symbols match, a delightful surprise awaits – you instantly clinch the prize shown.

But that’s not all. To keep track of your victories, any and all wins secured during your gameplay are conveniently showcased on the ‘win bar’. Positioned to the right of the game’s vibrant display, it’s a constant reminder of your triumphs.

Scratch Match Online Evoplay Entertainment RTP and Variance

Understanding the game’s mechanics is pivotal for an exhilarating experience. The Scratch Match takes pride in a whopping RTP of 97.25%. It means that for every $100 played, the game generally returns $97.25. Its high variance ensures occasional big surprises. So, not only does this game sparkle, but it also promises some heart-fluttering moments.

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Bet Sizes & Wins

The Scratch Match online Evoplay Entertainment casino game caters to all, from cautious players to high rollers. Bet sizes oscillate from $0.10 to $100, embracing every budget. The card you choose directly influences both your gameplay experience and the potential rewards on offer. Given that each card boasts distinct prizes, it’s crucial to choose wisely. If the numbers on the upper display align with those on your card, a generous payout awaits you.

Scratch Match Online Evoplay Entertainment Bonus Features

This unique game presents players with an intriguing departure from typical offerings. The bonus features vary and hinge on the card you opt for. If the card reveals matching numbers, it’s your cue to celebrate – you’ve won! This winning amount is conveniently displayed in the prize marker situated to the right of the card.

Intriguingly, the slot houses an additional bonus opportunity, ready to amplify your winnings. Trigger this feature by pressing the ‘bonus 777’ button showcased on your screen. Should you strike the elusive 777, a grand prize comes your way. It’s worth noting: when you stake on the ‘bonus 777’, the wager is the product of your initial bet and the total cell count. This bonus prize is exclusive and doesn’t mingle with the primary game earnings.

For those who love a hands-free experience, there’s an autoplay feature. Just preset the number of game rounds and recline, watching the magic unfold as potential wins drop in.

Symbols and Gameplay

Evoplay presents a diverse gaming catalog beyond just slots, including specialty games like Scratch Match. Set against a vibrant yellow backdrop, the game displays playable cards on the left, the selected card in the center, and wins on the right. Unlike typical slots, Scratch Match doesn’t revolve around a theme or narrative. Yet, its thrill lies in matching card numbers. Boasting impeccable graphics, the game is accessible on various devices, from mobiles to desktops, without any need for downloads. If you seek an unconventional casino game, Scratch Match is the pick. 


For the players who seek a blend of style and substance, the Scratch Match online Evoplay Entertainment game is an embodiment of perfection. It’s not just about the wins; it’s about the journey adorned with grace, elegance, and excitement. Why play ordinary when you can revel in extraordinary?

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Scratch Match Online Evoplay Entertainment FAQs

How user-friendly is the Scratch Match for beginners?

Extremely! With an intuitive interface even the first-timers can play with ease.

Can I play Scratch Match on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Scratch Match boasts top-notch graphics that adapt seamlessly across various devices, including mobile phones and desktop computers.

How often can I expect to win with Scratch Match?

Scratch Match is a high variance game, which means wins might be less frequent compared to some other games. However, when they do land, they can be quite substantial. It’s essential to play with patience and strategy in mind.

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