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Types of Online Casino Jackpots

What Online Casino Jackpots Means and Their Types - Slots Paradise

What Online Casino Jackpots Means and Their Types

One of the lifebloods of the internet gaming industry is the online casino jackpots. Without the appeal of large prizes and payouts, many players may choose to spend their free time doing anything else that is reasonable. However, given that some of the more stunning jackpots may instantly transform a gambler into a millionaire, the online casino industry will in no way slow down significantly soon.

If you enjoy playing online casino bets and want to make considerable money as your payout or become a millionaire through betting, this article is for you. We’ll explore the two main types of online casino jackpots and frequently ask questions, but first, what is an online casino jackpot? So dive in, and let’s explore together.

What Is an Online Casino Jackpot?

An online casino jackpot is a huge prize or payout that can be won in some online casino games. The size of a jackpot is dependent on the casino game you play and the site you choose to play on. In some casino games, a jackpot might be as high as 24 million dollars. They are uncommon and substantially more significant than the typical online casino’s prize or payout.

Types of Jackpots

  • Standard Online Casino Jackpot

Standard online casino jackpots are one of the major types of online casino jackpots, which are the most prevalent in these online casino markets because they are available as a basis prize in almost every game played.

Standard jackpots can take numerous forms, but the most important thing to understand is that they are constantly fixed, regardless of how many losing wagers are staked or the number of bets won.

Because many games offer multipliers, the eventual jackpot depends on the size of your investment in the world of online slots. As a result, it’s a little harder to peg down a particular jackpot. So many slot games, on the other hand, mark a tiered jackpot configuration, with a Mini and Major prize on internet slot games.

  • Online Progressive Casino Games Jackpot

One of the notable things about the progressive jackpot is that once the gamblers proceed to spin the wheel, and are optimistic about winning the game, the money to be paid at the end increases. Note that the more the players grow, the more significant the percentage cut for the games increases.

However, until when the jackpot is earned, the amount persists. Unlike regular casino game jackpots, progressive jackpots do not have any set payout. However, it varies and can range from a  thousand to hundreds of millions of dollars. Although this form of casino jackpot is not as easy to strike as the regular online casino jackpot, the individual always gets an award of a large sum of money when a player wins.

Furthermore, the progressive online casino has been ranked as one of the most fantastic internet casinos due to its significant benefit. 

Interestingly, the opportunity to win the top prize stays the same regardless of when the player plays. So, whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished player, you still have a chance to win the top prize.

The online progressive casino jackpots work in two forms which we will discuss below.

  1. Big Linked and Wide Range Progressive Online Casino Jackpots

Multiple casino games are linked to the software in this form of Progressive online casino jackpot. This means that anyone participating in any of the associated games had a chance to earn the grand prize. 

As other hands spin around each event, the payoff increases rapidly. However, as the number of players in each game thrives, the games with the most significant stakes begin to draw more players. As the money accumulates, the winner gets a substantial payout.

  1. Standalone Progressive Online Casino Jackpots

The Standalone Progressive casino jackpot does precisely what its name suggests. It’s just an online casino game embedded with the software. A part of the percentages are slashed off and augmented to the first payout when a player plays in this section. However, this process is repeated with each player until the game ends with a winner, and the winner gets paid.


Winning online casino Jackpots can be appealing because they provide a chance to become wealthy in one deep dive. The benefit of these jackpots is that they can change a player’s gaming experience forever. The drawback is that the chances of winning one are pretty slim but it is not impossible to hit them. As a result, you’ll have more pleasure playing the game because there’s still an odds you’ll win the jackpot prize. 

However, It is significant that you thoroughly examine the sites for which you will be playing. So, before you play with your money, make sure you play at a trusted online casino platform and understand the game you want to bet on as well. Stay tuned here and on our social media for further updates on online casinos. You might want to try your hands on them.

Online Casino Jackpots FAQs

Who Pays The Online Casino Jackpot Wins?

The casino sites where you gamble payout jackpots. The software provider who developed the game is also involved in the payout process.

Is It Possible to Win Jackpots Using Free Spins?

It’s possible. When you gamble at various online casinos, you can get bonuses. For example, a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus can be in the form of free spins. Free spins are gaming turns that you can utilize on the casino’s selected slots.

What’s the Possibility of Winning An Online Casino Jackpot?

How lucky you are, determine the possibility of winning an online casino jackpot. Jackpots are won by chance because all casino games are established on the concept of odds and chance.