Treasures of the Gods by Evoplay Entertainment

Treasures of the Gods by Evoplay Entertainment

Digging for Mayan treasures and locking in solid rewards in the process — what could be more fun? Evoplay Entertainment crafted Treasures of the Gods with quality as a priority, a trait evident in everything from its stunning aesthetics to the rewarding gameplay, similar to their approach in other games.

The game utilizes a combination of crash game mechanics and customized risk levels to give it an edge over similar titles. You can play things fast and loose in a quest for payouts close to 4,000x or you can keep it calm and shoot for more conservative returns. 

How to Play Treasures of the Gods

Before digging up this ancient jungle and knowing how to play, you must choose Easy, Normal, or Hard in the settings. Of course, you must also slide the wager up/down to reach a total bet you are comfortable with. Once you set such elements, your journey may begin. 

Hit the “Play” button to activate the 4×6 grid, and pick one of the four squares from row one to row six to build your multipliers. But be warned, as danger is hiding within every row.

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Open the full gameplay overview by clicking the “?” icon.

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Treasures of the Gods RTP and Variance

The Treasures of the Gods review notes the game features three risk levels, resulting in a variance spectrum from low to high. Concurrently, the RTP maintains a fixed range between 95.87% and 96.19%.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

You must bet at least $1 to open up this magical grid. This is the fixed minimum, but you can crank it up to $50. At the same time,  you can adjust the risk level each round, influencing the potential payouts in these types of online casino games with real money.


Treasures of the Gods Bonus Features

At this point, you’re undoubtedly pretty stoked to climb these ancient towers and scoop up some hefty rewards. But before you do, you should know that creative features don’t appear in the Treasures of the Gods game. 

So, while each round is varied, there’s nothing out of the ordinary by way of Free Games or other well-known features. With that said, the excitement of the base game is enough to overcome these perceived shortcomings. 

Symbols and Gameplay

Deep in the heart of the jungle, the exploration begins. Distant creatures chirp away while you make your moves, and there’s a sense that someone is watching you, making for a very unnerving experience. Adding to the excitement, all four squares reveal themselves on each row when climbing the 4×6 tower. This lets you know just how close you may have been to a premature ending!

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As far as mine games, Treasures of the Gods is right up there with the best. It offers exceptional gameplay, and the fact that you can dictate the danger level with each round played is a significant benefit. But you needn’t take our word for it.

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Treasures of the Gods FAQs

Is There A Treasures Of The Gods Demo I Can Sample?

Sure. You can sign in and sample the demo mode anytime you like.

Is This Game Suitable For Mobile Play?

Yes. Evoplay Entertainment designs all games with a mobile-first approach, making this one ideal for smartphones and tablets.

Must I Choose The Individual Squares Along The Way?

No. If you’d prefer to avoid the choice, you can hit the “Random” button to select the square for you.

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