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Neon Shapes Casino Game

Neon Shapes Casino Game

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Casino games seem to be getting more creative with each passing month. And on this occasion, Evoplay Entertainment has gone down the classic gaming path. The Neon Shapes casino game is one that gives you a chance to relive a childhood favorite, Tetris. Only here you don’t have to slot the shapes into position, you just pick and choose where they go.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s going to take a bit of skill and a lot of luck to hunt down the top prizes here. You need to be clever with your shape placements, strategic with how you use skill points, and consistent with your overall standard. Get these things right and payouts of up to 9,999x your wager could be waiting for you.

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How to Play the Neon Shapes Casino Game

There’s a fair chance that you haven’t experienced a game like Neon Shapes Casino Game before. Therefore, it will take a few rounds to fully understand the variables and gaming systems. But fear not, while it may take a few rounds to become familiar with the Neon Shapes game online, it’s not a complex title.

In fact, it’s actually quite simple. Your job is to place symbols onto the 8×8 grid at whatever price point you deem suitable. And as you form complete lines, whether vertical or horizontal, the payouts will start to flow. Furthermore, you will accumulate “skill points” to bolster the gameplay.

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Neon Shapes Casino Game RTP and Variance

Because of the high variance, this game plays host to extremely sporadic payouts. This removes the frequent but low payout structure seen in similar games. And since the RTP is moderately high at 96%, this helps to avoid extended periods of zero returns.

Symbols and Gameplay

The very name of this one gives you an idea of what symbols are present. You’ve got different shapes cropping up next to the grid, and they are all displayed with enticing neon lights. Given that there is lively music pumping while you decide where to place these symbols, everything feels quite engaging.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

To get the ball rolling with this one, you must stake at least $1, as this is the game’s minimum wager. But if you’d prefer to seek the highest payouts possible, you can increase this bet to $500 as the absolute maximum. Of course, there are other bet levels in the middle of these two.

As for the payout formats, they are simple yet incredibly diverse. Multipliers begin at 0.08x your wager, and they extend through to 9,999x. 

To try other games with alternative payouts and the same or a higher excitement, make sure to try games like Texas Hold’em.

Neon Shapes Game Bonus Features

For the Bonus features to kick in, you’ve got to rack up enough “skill points”. These points are earned as you complete multiple lines along the 8×8 grid. Base game points are fixed at 10 for placing a symbol and 100 for completing a line. And if you manage to secure 300 points, you can use them to rotate an upcoming shape.

This way, you can somewhat dictate how the game operates and use this to your advantage. Even some of the very best games shown in our casino guides don’t boast such features!


Were you a master of Tetris back in the day? Or are you someone who is able to strategically work your way through a challenging task? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, the Neon Shapes game could be perfect for you. Sign up now to put your skills to work.

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Neon Shapes Casino Game FAQs

How Do I Rotate An Upcoming Shape?

You must tap the rotation button next to the grid.

Do I Pay Per Shape Placed Or Per Round?

You pay per round, not per symbol.

How Many Shapes Are There In Total?

In total, there are 38 different shapes.

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High Variance
9,999x Max Payout
8×8 Grid Structure
$1 Bet Minimum
96% RTP
Arcade Style Play