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Ready to Learn How To Play Electronic Craps?

Ready to Learn How To Play Electronic Craps? - Slots Paradise

Change, they say, is always constant, and ever since the appearance of craps in the mid-twentieth century, there have been several evolutions of the craps game. From the traditional craps table game to the online casino version of it, now we have an electronic table version of craps. We’re pretty sure quite a few people will be anxious to know how to play electronic craps, only to confirm if there is any huge difference from the traditional craps table game.

Many changes will come alongside this latest development in Craps, and we’ll discuss further how to play electronic craps including some pros and cons of it.

What Is Electronic Craps?

The first electronic craps table, “Roll to Win Craps,” was first released by Harrah’s Las Vegas. The electronic craps table is a simple combination of the traditional craps table game on a large screen and electronic bets. 

Electronic craps are being played the way traditional craps are, except that it is done on a screen. The table layout for traditional craps is still the same as in an electronic craps table, and players still roll the dice. But the table is a glass surface and displays graphic animations, which the traditional craps table cannot do. Many other improved advancements have come with electronic craps that this guide will discuss further.

The electronic craps table has opened up a new stream of possibilities for players, and it would be a benefit if you learned how to play electronic craps as a player too.

How To Play Electronic Craps

If you have previously engaged in how to play online casino games, you should be able to grasp how to play electronic craps in no time. Let’s get started on how to play electronic craps below:

  1. Place your bets

Every player knows that the first rule amongst the basic rules for craps is to place a bet, i.e., ‘come bet’ or ‘don’t come bet’. And to place a bet in electronic craps, players can’t use casino chips. Instead, players will slot their cash into the screen station allotted to them. After inserting the cash into the station, players can begin placing bets through the LED screen. Since this is the 21st century, and most people use mobile devices with screens, so navigating through shouldn’t be that hard.

  1. Shoot

The next action to take to understand how to play electronic craps is to shoot just as in traditional craps. To shoot, you have to pick up the dice and shoot the come-out roll as you normally would in traditional dice. Depending on the result and type of bet you placed, you’ll know if it’s a loss or a win. Note that the dice can be handled only by the players and dealers in electronic craps.

  1. Make the point

After the shooter has chosen a point number, he’ll roll the come-out new. If he rolls out a seven, he loses; once he loses, the dice are passed onto the next shooter.

  1. End the round

If the dice fall on a point before 7. the pass-line bets are won, and the round ends, but if the dice fall on a seven before the point, all don’t pass stakes will win.

Pros of playing electronic craps

Learning how to play electronic craps provides quite a stream of possibilities for players who love playing craps, and some of them are highlighted below:

Easy to learn, even for beginners

Any pro player knows that a land-based casino is the worst place for anybody to start learning how to play craps. And with that knowledge, most beginner players start learning how to play craps at online casinos. It is no news that crap is one of the hardest casino table games you can learn to play. Still, with the advent of the electronic craps table, beginner players can learn how to play electronic craps with the option on the screen menu for rules, odds, and payout behind every bet. In no time, every beginner can learn the different wagers and the layout.

No more betting chips

When playing traditional craps, betting chips are used, and cash is generally exchanged to receive betting chips from different denominations. But with electronic craps, there’s no need for betting chips; instead, electronic betting saves the day. You only need to insert your cash into the hole on the station allotted to you to start playing. The placing of wagers will be tracked automatically by the station in front of you.

Minimum Wager Amount

Some electronic craps tables allow as low as $5 for the minimum wager amount when playing, which attracts many players to come to play. Players can also be less worried if they lose on a $5 wager, so they’ll prefer betting safe on a table like that.

Cons of playing electronic craps

Yes, learning how to play electronic craps can be quite fun, but it has its downsides. Let’s keep reading.

The casino adrenaline rush “isn’t there”

The noise, the bustling, and the rush you feel when playing at a classic craps table is a feeling you can’t feel when playing electronic craps. The electronic craps table is way quieter than the usual craps table. Suppose you like that rush feeling at a land-based casino; electronic craps might not be for you. But if you like your peace when playing craps, electronic crap is for you.

Less Craps Tables

With more electronic craps tables being rolled out into more casinos, players would begin to drift away from the classic craps table. And if that happens, the number of classic craps tables will dwindle drastically, and we might begin to start the end of an era.

Final Thoughts 

Understanding how to play electronic crap shows you the difference between classic craps and electronic craps. To play the electronic craps game, visit Slots Paradise Casino. A whopping welcome bonus of up to 2,500 awaits you! Follow us on social media and share this with your friends!


Do electronic craps tables use real dice?

Yes, the players and dealers roll dice in the electronic craps table game.

Can I tip a dealer in electronic craps?

Absolutely! You can always tip a dealer in any round of electronic craps; all you have to do is click on the button for tipping the dealer on your screen.