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How To Play Mines: a Recall of Another Game

How To Play Mines Casino Game - Slots Paradise Online Casino

If you had access to a computer as far back as the early 2000s and used the Microsoft operating system, you’ll probably remember the classic game Minesweeper. For those wondering how to play Minesweeper, it was a simple yet addictive game that tested your strategy and foresight. We’re sure memories from back then are beginning to settle in, like how often you’d replay a level because of the mines you would mistakenly hit.

The software provider Betsolutions has brought an identical game to Minesweeper that places you in front of a minefield. And just like Minesweeper, you learn how to play Mines to try and reveal all of the tiles in the grid until you win or land on a mine, no complicated casino terminology involved, nothing that requires from you more than having fun while playing.

The only fundamental difference between Minesweeper and Mines gamble game is that the player can control the settings in Mines; you can choose the number of mines you want to have in the grid.

If you have ever played Minesweeper, you won’t have any issues knowing how to play Mines casino games with this casino guide. Let’s get right into it.

How To Play Mines Casino Game

The Mines casino game follows the gaming pattern of Minesweeper, making use of a five-by-five grid gaming area. This five-by-five grid contains 25 opaque tiles the player has to reveal to either win or lose. So. here’s how to play Mines casino game:

1. Place a wager

Since you’re playing Mines for real money, you must place a wager. Depending on the online casino you play at, you can find the buttons for choosing the wager amount at any position on the screen. The lowest amount allowed as a  wager is $0.1, and the maximum amount depends on the online casino. Click on the “-” or “+” to either decrease or increase your wager.

2. Choose the number of mines

One perk that comes with this casino game is that you get to choose the number of mines you want, by clicking the “Mines number” button on whichever part of the screen. The highest number of mines available is 20. The number of mines you choose will determine the game payouts. Meaning the higher the mines, the higher your payout will be.

3. Reveal the tiles

Once you have placed a wager and picked the number of mines, click the ‘Bet’ button and start clicking the tiles to reveal them. When you start clicking the tiles, the tile will reveal one of two symbols; depending on how lucky you are, you might reveal a bomb or any other symbol chosen by the game, like a diamond.

When you reveal a diamond, you win a payout, adding to your payout value on the screen. You can now decide to go on with the game or cash out your winnings. Deciding to continue or end the game is a tough decision, especially when you pick a lot of mines, and remember the higher your mines, the higher the payout.

Strategies For Playing Mines Casino Game

As with any other games available in a casino, employing a strategy is essential when learning how to play Mines. Although there isn’t much of a strategy to playing Mines, using these tips can increase your chances of winning and the total prize.

Set a bankroll

Setting a gambling bankroll means you set a particular amount of money you want to use for your gambling activities. Your bankroll must always be the amount you are comfortable with losing. When you have a gambling bankroll, you can always stick to that budget and not just bet without accounting for it. You can’t go bankrupt with a bankroll, and you’ll always caution yourself to stop after exhausting the bankroll.

Know when to stop

One major strategy you can always use is knowing when to stop. Knowing when to stop after winning enough cash prizes or when to stop after a losing streak is advisable. After correctly revealing the tiles and winning the cash prize, you can always want to reveal another tile, but if you reveal a tile and it turns out to be a bomb, that will result in you losing all of your winnings. If you keep losing each round and have exhausted the gambling bankroll, you should stop immediately and play another time.

Final Thoughts

We hope you relive your old memories of Minesweeper by learning to play Mines casino games using this guide. Visit Slots Paradise Casino to play the Mines casino game.

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How to Play Mines FAQs

What is the RTP in the Mines casino game?

The Mines casino game has a return to player percentage of 97%.

What is the lowest amount required to play Mines casino games?

Most online casinos allow a minimum wager of $0.010 for all players, and the maximum wager depends on the online casino.

How do I win in the Mines casino game?

Winning in the Mines game requires a mix of luck and strategy. The goal is to uncover as many mine-free squares as possible to increase your bet multiplier. To cash out your current multiplier, you should stop before hitting a mine. Remember, the more squares you uncover, the riskier it becomes, so it’s essential to decide when to cash out based on your risk tolerance.