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Easy-Reading Guide on How to Play Irish Poker

Easy-Reading Guide on How to Play Irish Poker

Poker ranks as one worthy mention when discussing wagering alternatives that have earned a spot in gambling folklore. Since poker’s establishment, numerous variations have come to the fore. While formats like Texas Hold’Em and Omaha might make the headlines, players gradually tire of regularly wagering on the same alternatives. Fortunately, a pristine poker alternative in town depicts the thrills of Texas Hold’Em and Omaha. Its name? Irish Poker. And only a few know how to play Irish poker.

Since its inception, Irish poker has garnered lots of traction, featuring in numerous online poker tournaments and cash games. One notable advantage of this poker variation is that players can play it for unfettered fun at home or seriously when there’s a pot to win.

Regardless of where your interests lie, it’ll be best to learn how to play Irish poker and rank high on the tables. Poker is competitive, and irrespective of the winning margins attached, we want you to get inundated with Irish poker’s inner workings, so you’ll have a wonderful time during gameplay.

Sounds good? Read to the end to learn how to play Irish Poker quickly!

Irish Poker Rules and Gameplay

For starters, it’s pertinent to understand that Irish poker has rules reminiscent of Texas Hold’Em poker. The game integrates a button and blinds. As such, the first player at the button’s left side posts an SB (Small Blind), while the second player posts a BB (Big Blind). Note that four cards are dealt face down to the SB player first before the same is done in a clockwise position for players across the table. 

The pre-flop round starts when cards are appropriately distributed to players featured on the table. During this stage, the BB player has the luxury of checking if raises are non-existent. 

Once the subsequent round — the flop — starts, players will receive three community face-up cards. This card dealing format mirrors the obtainable in Omaha and Texas Hold’Em. Players can use these dealt cards to form the strongest 5-card Poker hand. Afterward, another betting round commences. 

During this stage, the SB (Small Blind) player must act first. However, if the SB isn’t part of the hand, the second player at the button’s left side — the BB (Big Blind) player — will take action. After the BB makes their move, the remaining players must discard two Poker cards. 

Upon this stage’s conclusion, this online poker gameplay takes the path of the regular Texas Hold’Em game. The dealing of the 4th and 5th community cards (Turn and River, respectively), alongside an additional betting round where players need to put forward their best hands, highlights the end of the session. 

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Hand Rankings in Irish Poker

It’s important to note that Irish poker adopts the original poker hand rankings associated with Texas Hold’Em and Omaha gameplay. If you need a refresher, here’s an overview of notable mentions:

  • Royal Flush: The strongest Poker hand, a Royal Flush depicts a 10-J-Q-K-A hand that features the same suit.
  • Straight Flush: This Poker hand showcases 5 sequential numbers of the same suit that’s not a Royal Flush. A 4-5-6-7-8 hand is a Straight Flush. 
  • Four-of-a-Kind: This Poker hand highlights 4 cards of the same value and any other card (a kicker). A-A-A-A-8 is a typical example. 
  • Full House: The Full House Poker hand features a Three-of-a-Kind (three cards of the same value) and a similarly-ranked pair with two different suits. For example, Q-Q-Q-6-6. 
  • Flush: Five cards of one suit in any order. When two players have a Flush hand, the highest-valued card is considered to determine a winner. An example is a 4-8-6-7-3 hand.
  • Straight: A Straight is a 5-card Poker hand (i.e., 4-5-6-7-8) with consecutive numbers in different suits. Note that these values featuring the same suit prompt a Royal Flush. 
  • Three-of-a-Kind: Three cards of the same value and suits alongside two kickers (cards of different pairs). Here’s an example — 7-7-7-10-Q. 
  • Two Pair: Two Pairs of similarly-ranked cards alongside a kicker. Here’s a Two Pair example — 3-9-9-5-5. 
  • Pair: A Pair of cards of identical ranks. For example, Q-Q-6–7-8.
  • High Card: This Poker hand is the least of them all. Note that the highest value is considered. For instance, you’ve got a King High if you’ve got a K-10-8-7-5 hand. 

Strategy for Irish Poker

After you sail on this poker variation, you’ll realize that it fields numerous strategies. However, you should test these techniques to uncover a method that’ll see your rank as king of the tables

If you’re learning to play Irish poker and want to get your wagering adventure off to a flyer, it’ll be best to adopt a conservative strategy. This means you’d need to showcase tight hands and only make hands when you possess rock-solid hole cards. Going this route will see you fold more times than you make calls. 

When adopting the proven conservative strategy, bluff less—although it might sound like a great idea, getting it wrong could mean losing wagering funds. So, if you can, avoid it entirely.

Tips to Excel During Irish Poker Gameplay

Although we’ve pointed you toward a proven strategy, consider adopting these Irish online poker tips to make headway as you slug it out with other players. 

  1. Engage Free Play

When learning how to play Irish Poker, make concerted efforts to commence your adventure without spending a dime. Contrary to popular notions, most Poker-themed sites have proprietary applications where you can key into Irish poker tournaments and cash games for free! 

NOTE: Playing for free should act as an Irish poker learning curve. Once you’re confident you have what it takes to gamble real money, deposit funds into your casino account and wager accordingly. 

  1. Know the Math

Poker is a game of numbers. To learn how to play Irish poker effectively, you’d need to have to a minor extent, the brains for maths, especially calculations around probability. As such, you’ll be able to make accurate fold and call decisions during a gaming stint without encountering negatives. When gameplay starts, validate the pot odds and equity. These terms might sound a tad technical. But in poker variations like Irish poker, not factoring these calculations leaves you at a disadvantage.

  1. Set Your Sights on Just Irish poker

If you’d like to learn how to play Irish poker and become the best, you’d need to focus exclusively on this poker format. There is a better time to learn how to play Three Card Poker or Texas Hold’Em. Although these poker variations are quite interesting, you’ve got a goal, and that’s to perfect Irish poker gaming. Don’t lose sight of it! 


Numerous poker variations exist. But Irish poker heightens the betting thrill as it integrates the inner workings of Texas Hold’Em and Omaha poker. We’ve provided strategies and tips on how to play Irish p, but there’s one thing we’d like you to remember — gamble responsibly, regardless of your fortunes during gameplay. Visit Slots Paradise Casino to play online poker games.

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