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How to Withdraw From Online Casino Winnings

How to Withdraw From Online Casino | Choose the Right Casino

Hundreds of online casinos are available to gambling players worldwide, and each online casino offers many payment methods for depositing and withdrawing winnings. You’ll be familiar with these payment options if you’re an avid online casino player, or even if you ever asked yourself how to withdraw from online casino once you have won.

But before a player decides to use an online casino for playing, one of the boxes that the casino must check out is the payment method for deposits and withdrawals. For example, is it safe? Are there any bad reviews? How easily accessible are the funds for withdrawal, etc.? 

Once you are confident that the payment options are safe, you need to determine which payment options you need to withdraw your winnings. Again, the withdrawal process is easy and can be done in minutes. 

Each online casino has different terms for withdrawing funds, but the general process is the same for all casinos. So let’s get started on how to withdraw from online casino, and some payment methods common for this purpose.

How to Withdraw From Online Casino | Choose the Right Casino

Some online casinos might not be what they portray themselves to be. So instead of falling into the trap of such online casinos whenever you want to play your favorite casino game, here are things you should look out for when choosing an online casino.

  • Gaming License

Having a license is one important factor you must pay attention to when choosing an online casino because online casinos that operate based on permits are highly reliable and trustworthy. Before an online casino can be licensed, it must have passed several tests and auditings to be sure it can provide legit services.

While the license grants you a safe environment for playing and funding most players still hang on to the casinos that offer the best table game odds, as the moment of collecting winnings becomes one of the best: big wins with easy payouts.

  • Payment Methods

Before you make up your mind to register at a casino with several payment options, you should check any of the payment options if it works out for you. If you are sure it works for you, you won’t have issues with later on when you want to make a withdrawal. 

  • Commission

Always check out the commission the online casino charges for depositing into the account or withdrawing the winnings. If the fees are moderately convenient, you can play at the casino. You can always find another online casino with an average commission if the commission fees are too high.

How to Withdraw From Online Casino

Learning how to withdraw from online casino winnings is easy, and here’s how to go through it:

  1. Log in to Your Account

In the process of playing games at online casinos, you will have created an account. Now you need to login into this account by inputting your details and password, to later know how to withdraw from online casino winnings. Go to the casino’s website or mobile application, login into your account, and select the proper option for the website to take you to the next page from there.

  1. Click on the Withdrawal Button

The next step is to click on the withdrawal option, select an amount, and choose your desired payment option. You will find information about the processing time and fees on this page. Usually, when selecting an amount you wish to withdraw, if it indicates a red sign, you have typed in more than the amount available in your account. So, always double-check the amount you have available in your account before placing withdrawals.

After selecting the amount, you must choose your preferred withdrawal option for withdrawing your winnings. Since it’s a withdrawal, you must have previously used a payment option you trusted to deposit. Therefore, you can stick to such a payment option since you trust it.

After you’re done selecting your payment option, input your financial information. Though this depends on the payment method, you have chosen because some do not require you to inputting any financial data, while some ask for it.

  1. Click ‘Withdraw’

And the last thing to do how to withdraw from the online casino list is to click on the ‘withdraw’ button. All that is left for you to do is then wait patiently for your funds to be deposited into the account you have provided. And that is how to withdraw from online casino accounts is done. It is indeed simple.

Payment Methods For Withdrawing at Online Casinos

There are several payments to study when learning how to withdraw from online casino winnings. The most popular payment methods used at online casinos due to the security, safety, and minimal fees include:

  • Cryptocurrency

Many online casinos use and prefer cryptocurrency as a secure payment option. It is swift and has a very high limit than other payment methods. It takes around a day for the funds to reflect; it has a limit of $20 to $100,000 and zeroes to a minimal withdrawal fee.

  • Credit and Debit Card

Credit and debit cards are one of the players’ most popular payment methods at online casinos. Every online casino you find uses this kind of payment, which is very safe and convenient for players. It takes two to three days to reflect in your account; it has a limit of $15o to $2,500 and zeroes to a small withdrawal fee. Although, not all kinds of credit and debit cards are accepted for this payment option. That is why you need to confirm if the casino will accept your card for this kind of payment., or if you need another chance. 

  • Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is still among the most popular payment methods for withdrawing from online casinos. The payment method is very secure, and you get your funds into your bank account. It takes longer for the money to reflect, and you’ll be required to pay a minimal fee for processing the payment. This payment option is okay for people without e-wallets or credit cards.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best casino is not only based on games, as funding safely and easily is a big motivation when choosing where to put your money and play. Remember to look for safety indicators of a good casino before depositing. The game choices can also be encouraging when deciding, even if you don’t know how to play many games. In such cases, you can always head on to Slots Paradise Casino, and visit the Casino School to learn lots of interesting stuff about your favorite games, including easy-to-follow guides to learn how to play let it ride or how to play baccarat, among many others.

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FAQs | How to Withdraw From Online Casino

Is there a limit for withdrawing money?

Yes, there is a limit for withdrawing money. Online casinos have a limit for withdrawing funds from an account. The amount you are limited to collecting is determined by the online casino and the payment method you choose. So you should always check the limits for withdrawal by the casino and payment method before withdrawing your funds.

How long does it take to withdraw from a casino account?

The payment option you select determines how long it takes for the funds withdrawn into your account to reflect alongside the online casino. Some take 24 hours, and some take as long as ten days.