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How to Win on Craps at Online Casinos

Understanding How To Win on Craps - Slots Paradise

When learning how to win on craps, you must remember many factors contribute, such as having the best craps strategy, good bankroll management, etc. But other essential rules and techniques contribute to your winning rate when playing craps.

An example is a pass-line bet in craps. It has a house edge of just 1.41%, and if you understand the odds and strategies, you can always use them to your advantage. Next, we’ll review some tips every player can use to know how to win on craps.

Understanding How To Win on Craps

To kick start learning how to win on craps, a basic understanding of the game is needed. Let’s get started on how to play craps below by going over some of the regular actions taken throughout the game:

  • Pass Line Bet

The compulsory bet every player must place before any round of craps can start is the pass-line bet, as the game is structured around it. Other bets are available in craps, but it is necessary to predict if the dice will land on a 7, 11 (the pass line), or a 2, 3, or 12 (don’t pass).

  • Shoot

The game begins with the shooter making the “come out roll.” After rolling the dice, the shooter will determine the result to know if it is a win or a loss. For example, if you wagered on the pass, and the result is a seven or an 11, you win, but if it is 2, 3, or 12, the player loses the bet. Any number asides from that become the point. If the shooter rolls a point number, he has to keep moving until he rolls the exact number again for an even payout, or he rolls a 7 to lose.

  • Make the point

Once the shooter has established the point number, he needs to roll a new come out, and if he doesn’t, he rolls a seven to lose. The dice are passed on to a new shooter once the first one loses.

  • End the round

The round is ended with all pass-line bets being won if the dice fall on a point before 7, but all don’t-pass stakes win if the dice fall on a seven before a point.

Tips to Win On Craps

We now have a basic foundation of how to play craps; now, here’s a list of clues to follow to win:

  1. Place safe bets

One mistake most players make is making bets with high rewards and risks. Yes, it has a big win, but it is not confident you’ll get a win very often. So instead, you should wager your money on safe bets with the minor house edge. Placing your money on bets with low house edge minimizes the risk, and you don’t get to lose too much money if you eventually don’t win the bet.

The pass bet is one of the safe bets every player can wager on, as it has a shallow house edge of 1.41%. In addition, it has an even-money payout.

  1. Place odd bets

Placing odd bets is one way how to win on craps. On the other hand, odd bets are generally one way to maximize your winnings, as there is little to no house edge on this kind of bet. 

Though players can only place odd bets on other types of bets, and odd bets have a maximum amount, which is a multiple of the bet you place, i.e., 2X, 3X, 5X, etc.

  1. Bet on come and don’t come online craps bets

Come and Don’t Come craps online bets are similar to Pass and Don’t Pass bets, only that you can place them at any point except the come-out roll. To win a come and don’t come bet follows the same conditions as a pass or don’t pass. 

  1. Avoid bets with high edges

Players can find some bets with very high house edges in such table games like this, and any player that is serious about how to win on craps should avoid these kinds of bets. The put bets and proposition bets are examples of high-risk bets with very high house edges. The put bets are pass bets that bounce the come-out roll. That means on an outcome of 7 or 11; you won’t win. Put bets have a high house edge of 33.3% since the essence of a pass bet is in its come-out roll.

Another example of high-risk bets is the one-roll bets, Big 6 and Big 8 bets. These are all bets you should avoid when playing craps. You should know that learning how to win on craps is to prevent a loss sometimes.

  1. Always practice

One secret to how to win on craps most seasoned players have is that they continually practice playing craps. Many popular games require practice for players to master playing techniques, and the craps game is no exception. Enough exercise lets you understand the layout and how to avoid losses when playing.

To practice playing the game of craps, several online casinos offer free trial versions that you can play with virtual money. You can start practicing at online casinos like this, and after you think you are good to go with playing for real money, you can then advance to playing with real money. Your skill, coupled with luck, will matter a lot when playing; that’s why you need to put in the time required to learn the game and how to win on craps.

  1. Set a bankroll and respect it

If you don’t set a bankroll, you’ll eventually spend more than you budgeted. So to avoid spending more than you can account for, always set a budget, and it should be an amount you can always afford to lose. You should take all of the money used for your gambling activities only from this bankroll, and once you squander it completely, you should learn to walk away immediately. Taking this practice will help you conserve your money correctly.

  1. Learn to walk away after winning

When you play too long at the craps table game, you give the casino ample opportunity to take your bankroll and winnings back. So it is wise to walk away when you have won enough and avoid the urge to increase your winnings again. You can lose your winnings just by succumbing to such temptation.

Final Thoughts

This how-to-win on craps guide will guarantee you a surety of winning at craps. Visit Slots Paradise Casino to play online craps.

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What is the house edge in craps?

With an optimal strategy, players can reduce the house edge of craps to 1.41% with the pass-line bet.

Can I play craps online for free?

Absolutely yes! Every player can learn to play craps for free at online casinos that offer trial versions for play. You do not need to use real money to play for free at such online casinos, and you can master the game of craps well with the free trials.