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How To Play Penny Slots and Win

To Know How to Play Penny Slots You Must Learn About Them

Thinking of the name, one might believe that the penny slot machine costs only one penny to play. Well, about two to three decades ago, it would have been considered accurate, but it is not valid. The reason is that the slot machines about two or three decades ago had just one payline; therefore, you could bet one cent per payline. However, it is rare to come across such slot machines today, and most online slot machines you come by have more than one payline, allowing you to bet one cent on each payline.

To Know How to Play Penny Slots You Must Learn About Them

Compared to online slots, where you have the freedom to stake whatever amount you can afford, Penny Slots ensures that its lowest stake is as low as $0.01. So, you can refer to Penny Slots as a slot game that accepts $0.01 as its lowest stake amount.

Not every Penny Slots machine you come across allows you to choose the number of paylines you want to play. It is rare to find such machines. For example, a penny slot machine with 20 paylines will accept 20 cents as its minimum bet. 

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Some Strategics Moves…

If you’ve played a slot machine before, you would be okay with learning how to play penny slots because there is little difference between both of them. They both are expected in terms of paylines and one cent per line bet. Here are the basics on how to play penny slot

Select the best penny slot machine: Slot machines always make up about 80% of the games at casinos, including online casinos. You need clarification on which penny slot machine to pick as they are all attractive. 

But with these tips, you can pick the best penny slot machine:

  • Choose slots with several ways of winning, i.e., free spins, bonuses, free games, cash rewards, etc.
  • With online penny slots, you get more bonuses and promotions for playing. 
  • Find out information on the slot with a great return to player (RTP). The higher the RTP is, the better your wins are.

Selecting the best penny slot machine while learning how to play penny slots is vital. So always take your time to go through all the online slots, not just the major ones you come across first.

Choose a stake: Set your bet and activate up to 20 paylines to start the penny slot game.

Spin the reels: Keep the reels spinning by clicking on the button for a combination.

Win or Lose: Once the reels stop spinning, check it out to know if it’s a win or loss. If you match symbols on a line, you automatically receive a payout. If it doesn’t match any symbol, you don’t win anything.

You can also trigger bonus features by landing the correct symbols, such as ten free spins for three scatters showing the same character.

Strategies for Playing Penny Slots

So if you’ve been looking forward to how to gamble by learning how to play penny slots, you can use this how-to-win on slot machine strategies to maximize your chances of winning while gambling.

  • Choose the best penny slot machine

To learn how to play penny slot, you need to play on a penny slot machine that will maximize your chances of winning instead of reducing your chances. There are several online slot games; picking one can take a lot of work. But tips like picking penny slot games that offer more than one way to win and those with the highest return to player percentage are perfect for winning at playing penny slot games.

  • Understand the rules

Every online slot machine, including the penny slot machine, has particular rules, and you should take your time to learn them.  In order of priority, learn the general rules of how to play penny slots, then move on to the specific rules of playing the penny slot game. Only when you learn the rules will you understand how to play the game. Learning the rules will contain important information such as the paytable, the amount for each symbol, how the wild and scatter symbols look, and essential combinations for winning.

  • Understand your minimum and maximum bets

Setting the minimum and the maximum bet is easy, but you can blow your bankroll if you need help understanding how to. An example is when you bet on a penny slot valued at $0.50, which has to be between 1 to 5 coins per spin, your minimum bet will be $0.50, and your maximum bet will be $2.50. You can maximize your chances of winning when you set your bet limits.

  • Choose an online casino

It should be familiar to players that online slots offer lots of promotions and bonuses to players than land-based casinos do. Therefore, online casinos are the best place to practice playing penny slots after learning. Moreover, you get several bonuses such as free spins, deposit bonuses, etc.

All these chances online casinos offer are ways to maximize your winnings and even increase your bankroll. If you play at online casinos and take advantage of the bonuses, you have a better chance of winning.

  • Manage your bankroll

Players should always have a bankroll when playing penny slots. Most players will make the mistake of thinking they are wagering the bare minimum, which is a penny, but the online slot aims to make players keep putting their pennies into the machine. 

They say that tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean, so don’t just keep putting pennies into the machine without a bankroll because it’ll later amass into a large amount of money. Take aside a certain amount of money you can afford to lose, and stick to that money alone. 

Final Thoughts

Penny slots is a great online slot game to play if you have got a penny to spare. Read this Slots Paradise Casino guide once again to know, and then head over to the slot games section to enjoy online slot games. 

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FAQs – How To Play Penny Slots and Win

Do penny slots cost one penny?

Two to three decades ago, they used to cost a penny, but modern online slots cost more than a penny. Moreover, the amount of paylines determines the price of the bet.

Should I play more or less paylines on penny slots?

Penny slot is an entirely random game. Betting on more lines can increase your chances of winning better, but it still doesn’t mean one will win considerably. On the other hand, you can bet on fewer lines and still get significant payouts. 

It’s entirely up to you to pick either less or more.