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How To Play Plinko

Do Not Lose Wagers Playing Plinko; Here Is How to Play Plinko

Although Plinko didn’t start as a casino game, many people are now curious about how to play Plinko. Plinko was well shown in the American television series “The Price Is Right” in the late ’90s. The game didn’t require much effort or strategy, as it was simply a game of luck.

All the player has to do is drop the designated Plinko chip and let it slide down before landing in a slot to receive a prize. It’s that simple a game to play. 

Now, players curious about the game can learn how to play Plinko at online and physical casinos without restrictions. You can place your bets, launch the balls, and wait to see how much you earn in the prize. Take your time and learn how to play Plinko as you go through this guide.

Mastering the Game: How to Play Plinko and Maximize Your Chances

The process involved in learning how to play Plinko isn’t a strict one; it’s straightforward, and here’s how they work:

  1. Earn chips

The first step a player takes is to earn chips because you’ll be able to win more prizes and money when you have more Plinko Chips. To make chips, you get one Plinko chip and try to earn a maximum of four more chips by predicting the worth of small prizes.

You will be shown the minor prizes and given two numbers in which you must predict the correct one. If you predict the number correctly, you win another Plinko chip and a small prize. Take, for example, a prize that is $15, and you’re asked if the worth

starts with a “3” or “1.” If you predict “1” correctly, you earn a Plinko chip.

  1. Decide where to drop the chip

After earning all of your Plinko chips:

  • Look over the Plinko Board.
  • Hold one of the Plinko chips flat against the top of the board.
  • Release it.

The pegs on the Plinko table will deflect the chips, making it hard to predict where they will land. The zigzag pattern on the board allows the chips to bounce back toward the center.

Allow the chips to fall, and bounce between the pegs till it falls at the bottom of the board. Whichever slot it lands determines how much you win.

  1. Repeat the process

Repeat earning, lining, and dropping for the remaining chips.

  1. Collect your prize

Remember, the chips fall into slots at the bottom of the table, labelled with several denominations of money. Once your chip lands in a slot, the casino will add the amount labelled on the slot to the total prize you win. You don’t win any money if your chip lands in the $0 slot.

You can always find labelled money slots worth $100, $500, $1,000, $0, $10,000, $0, $1,000, $500, and $100.

Strategies For Playing Plinko

There are several other games in the world of casinos, and they all require a gaming strategy. After learning how to play Plinko, you already know that it is a game of chance, but there is a little strategy.

Although, there are several helpful tips and minor strategies you can use to maximize your chances of winning. Below are strategies that can help you learn how to play Plinko better:

  1. Place the chip at the center

One of the many ways Plinko players maximize their chances of winning is by placing the Plinko chip at the center of the board. Although this move is not a surety, it’ll land precisely in the middle of the slots; it gives it a chance to fall in a slot with a decent amount.

It is not guaranteed that this move will pay you the most significant amount, but it will surely increase your chances of winning.

  1. Bankroll Management

Bankroll casino is one of the most valuable strategies any player can have at hand, and if utilized well, it can help play for a long time. 

You want to know how to play Plinko. But how can you learn how when you lose money within a few rounds? Depending on your bankroll casino, the longer and better you can learn how to play Plinko.

As you keep playing and winning in the game of Plinko, set aside a certain amount you want to keep playing with, and don’t use your winnings to play. If you are disciplined enough not to use your winnings to play, you will go home with a decent amount of money.

  1. Drop the chip away from the center

Due to the pegs that allow the chips to bounce a lot and not go in a straight line, players have come up with the strategy to drop the chip three or four spaces away from the center. 

Since the chips don’t move in a straight line, there’s a chance of it bouncing its way around to the center position.

  1. Try different difficulties

The difficulty levels in Plinko are low, medium, and high, and you can always switch between them to determine the payout level. 

  1. Place low stakes 

A player can only sometimes predict the chip falling in the middle slot correctly because the online version of Plinko uses a random number generator. 

And it is highly advisable to manage your bankroll casino by staking low amounts instead. This way, you get to play longer and win. You can also set loss limits when playing. Placing low stakes helps you caution and discipline yourself not to go beyond your budget.

  1. Practice

Whether you decide to learn how to play 75 ball bingo or any other game, you must always practice playing the game. By practicing the game, you will know better moves you can always make to help win the game.

Practicing the game helps you maximize your chances of winning the game better.

Final Thoughts

You can win decent amounts with enough luck when you learn how to play Plinko. Visit Slots Paradise casino academy to find out more about the Plinko game. Get the latest casino news by joining our exclusive community on Slots Paradise Casino’s social media, and tag someone who needs to see this!

FAQs: How to Play Plinko

What is the RTP in Plinko?

The Plinko game offers a high return-to-player percentage of 99%. Meaning for every $100 a player bets, he gets $99 cash back in return.

Is there a trick to winning Plinko?

At the moment, no trick is attached to winning Plinko. And that is because Plinko is a game of luck, and all you have to do is drop the chips on the board, hopefully waiting for it to land in the middle slot.