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How to Play French Roulette – Know the Game First

How to Play French Roulette - Rules, Table, and Bets

French roulette differs from other roulette variants in that it has the lowest house edge. Learning how to play French roulette isn’t hard at all. French roulette uses the standard European wheel with 37 divisions from 0 to 36. The other peculiarities and rules of how to play French roulette will be discussed further.

How to Play French Roulette – Rules, Table, and Bets

Table Layout

It is also essential to have a detailed understanding of the table layout to know how to play French roulette. The French roulette table is similar to the European roulette table. It has 12 rows of three numbers each on a grid, and the numbers follow a sequential pattern from 1 to 36 with an alternating color of red and black. The zero section runs from the left side to the end.

The numbers in the inside betting zones, which can be found below, are where bets are placed, and the outside betting section can be found to the right. In some cases, the outside bets are written in French roulette terms such as “12P,” which means premier douzaine (1st dozen), “pair,” which means even, and “impair,” which means odd. Other terms are low (manque), high (passe), red (rouge), and black (noir).

There is a special table layout section for call bets on the racetrack. It is separate from the main betting grid.

The Wheel

The French roulette wheel contains 37 numbers, as you’ll find on the European roulette wheel. French roulette makes use of just one zero. Numbers 1 to 23 are colored red, while numbers 24 to 36 are colored black. They are alternately numbered red and black on the wheel.

Additionally, every pair of even numbers is followed by a pair of odd numbers.

The Rules

To know how to play French roulette, you need to understand these basic rules:

  • The roulette wheel is made of 37 numbered pockets.
  • There are different ranges of bets based on numbers and colors on the roulette table.
  • To place a bet, you have to predict a number as a player.
  • Spinning the wheel, releasing the ball, and paying out bets are all done by the croupier.

Bet Types

Moving on to the main course of how to play French roulette in this Roulette Guide, the game’s main aim is to predict where the ball will come to rest on the roulette wheel when it stops spinning. And in French, there are over 30 types of bets that can be placed, but they fall under two major categories, which are:

  1. Inside Bets
  2. Outside Bets

The inside bets are placed on a single number, adjacent numbers, or small groups of numbers, while the outside bets are placed on larger groups of numbers. Each bet has its odds and different payouts. So, every player should go through the odds and payout of each bet before starting the game.

Let’s get started on what each bet entails below.

Inside Bets

  1. A straight-up wager: The numbers you can bet on for this single-number wager range from 1 to 36. If the ball lands on the number you select, a straight bet pays out at a ratio of 35:1, but if it doesn’t, you lose the wager. To win a straight bet, you would need a lot of luck.
  2. Split bet: A split bet is made on two adjacent numbers on the grid. You can place a split bet whenever the two numbers are close to each other. A split wager pays out 17 to 1.
  3. Street, or Trio Wager: The numbers 2, 3, and 6 are three examples of consecutive numbers that can be the subject of a street bet. You receive a payout of 11 to 1 if the number fits within any of the numbers in the row, and you win.
  4. Corner or square bet: In the hopes that one of the four numbers will appear when the ball stops, a corner bet is made on the four numbers, creating a square. It pays off at a rate of 8 to 1.
  5. Line Bet: You cover two rows of three consecutive numbers in a line bet. Instances include 2–7, 4–9, etc. The odds are 5 to 1. Note that street and corner bets can include the number zero.

Outside Bets

You’ll come to notice when you practice how to play French roulette that the outside bets are mostly written in French.

  1. Red/black, or Rouge/Noir: This is the easiest but most risky bet to take in roulette because all you have to do is place a wager on whether the winning number will be red or black. It will be labeled “red” or “black” on the roulette table. The odds of winning are less than 50/50 since the zero and double zero numbers are neither red nor black and payout at one to one ratio. As a result, the casino has a bigger advantage.
  2. Odd /even or Pair/Impair Bet: Depending on the outcome of selecting a number, this bet is made. The odds of winning are less than 50/50 due to the 0 stakes, and the bet would be listed as “even” or “odd” on the table.
  3. High/low or Manque/Passe bet: You must place a wager on whether the number you choose will fall between the low (1-8) and high (19-36) numbers.
  4. Column Bet: You must select a number from one of the three columns and place it in the “2-1” box at the end of the column to win this wager. This wager’s payout is unique from other wagers in that it doubles your stake.
  5. Douzaine/Dozen bet: This bet allows you to wager on more than a dozen numbers, but only in the order of the first (premier), second (Moyenne), and third (dernier) dozen. It is shown as 12P, 12M, or 12D. And it pays out twice your wager for each dozen you win.

Specific Rules for Playing French Roulette

There are specific rules for playing French roulette, namely:

En prison

This rule is used when the ball lands on the zero slot and you place a bet on an even money bet, such as red/black or odd/even. If you follow this rule, the stake will be kept on the table for the next spin. The stake will be returned if it falls in the right spot.

La Partage

It is the same as the “en prison” rule, except that you receive only half your stake back.

Strategies for Playing French Roulette

Below are some basic roulette betting strategies you can make use of when playing French roulette:

  • Make use of either the “La Partage” or “En Prison” rule.
  • Place even-money bets.
  • Avoid hot numbers.
  • Set a budget for betting.
  • Set a loss and profit limit.

Final Thoughts

We hope to see you get started playing online french roulette using this roulette guide on how to play French roulette. Ready to have some fun? Visit Slots Paradise Casino.

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FAQs: How to Play French Roulette

What differentiates European roulette from French roulette?

Since they use the same roulette wheel, table configuration, and even bet types, there isn’t much difference between these two roulette varieties. The Lapartage and En Prison rules are the only notable differences between French and European roulette.

Is roulette available online?

Yes, roulette is a game that can be played at online casino. A reliable casino is all you need to find, register, deposit, choose and play French roulette. Visit SlotsParadise to play French roulette online.