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How To Play Red Dog

How to Play Red Dog - Know When to Stand or Ride

Red Dog is a game with a similar playing style to poker, although they are not the same. The Red Dog game is a card table game played using a standard deck of 52 cards with 3 to 8 players. Every player has an objective when playing any casino game; the same goes for Red Dog. The aim of knowing how to play Red Dog is to have a third card that falls between the rank of the two cards initially dealt to the player. The player wins if it falls in between the cards.

How to Play Red Dog – Know When to Stand or Ride

If you’re an avid land-based casino player, you might wonder why you haven’t found Red Dog while playing. It is not available because Red Dog is a game that is most likely to be found online rather than in physical casinos.

Anybody can learn how to play red dog faster since it is easier to understand than poker. Let’s go through common terminologies players use to know how to play Red Dog faster.

Common Terminologies In Red Dog

To aid the process of learning how to play Red Dog, learn these terminologies used in Red Dog below.

  1. Ante

The Ante bet is the initial and compulsory wager every player must place at the beginning of the betting round. Players must place their chip in the middle of the table to indicate their Ante bet. 

Every chip wagered by the players at the beginning of the round is used to form the pot.

  1. Cut

If the deck is split into two portions, top and bottom, it is referred to as a cut. A cut can only be done by the player next to the dealer on the right-hand side. 

The bottom part of the deck is placed on top of the top part once it has been cut.

  1. Deal

To deal is to give out a certain number of cards to every player. Red Dog deals five cards to each player. The cards are facing down in front of each player.

The dealing process always starts with the person from the dealer’s left, and it goes in a clockwise direction.

  1. Draw

For a player to draw a card, the cards have to face up and can only be done one at a time. Dealing cards start in the order of the player with the highest card.

  1. Shuffle

Shuffling is an action done by every player except the dealer. And every player can only do it once.

Rules For Playing Red Dog

  • A minimum of three and a maximum of eight players are allowed to play.
  • The deck consists of 52 cards.
  • A player can decide not to bet during a red dog round. To skip the round, the player must drop a chip into the pot without showing his cards. This act is also known as folding.
  • Each player must make a new ante wager if the pot runs out during a betting round. Players can skip their bets if the bank to be rolled over is large enough.

How To Play

Follow the steps below to understand how to play Red Dog.

  1. Place a bet

The first requirement of every player is the Ante bet, and to place the ante bet; every player places their chip at the center of the table to contribute to the pot. The Ante bet can be anywhere from $1 to $100. 

  1. Deal

The next step is to click the “Deal” button. After clicking the deal button, you’ll receive two cards falling on the table’s 1st and 3rd card spots. You should remember that your aim here is to get a third card whose value lies in between the rank of the initial two cards dealt.

Every card has a rank, and the ranking used in Red Dog is the same as traditional poker hand rankings. The Red Dog hand rankings from highest to lowest in terms of worth are; Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2.

  1. Ride or Stand

After being dealt your initial two cards, you can decide as a player. You either have to choose to “Ride” or “Stand.”

When you decide to click on “Ride,” you are sure that the next card dealt to you will be between the ranks of the initial two cards given to you. After clicking the “Ride” button, the ride option will double your initial bet.

When you are unsure if the card will result in being between the ranks of the initial two cards, you have to click on the “Stand” button while the bet remains the same.

  1. Payout

If you predicted correctly, and the third card lands between the ranks of the first two cards, then you will be paid based on the payout table. Any result other than falling between the hand rankings of the first two cards means you will lose the bet.

On rare occasions where you receive a pair as your initial two cards, your bet results in a push, and you do not get paid. But if you get a pair, and the third card dealt to you is the same as the initial two cards, you get paid on a ratio of 11:1.

Strategies For Playing Red Dog

When players learn how to play aces and eights or how to play french roulette, there are several strategies they apply to play the game. But when you know how to play Red Dog, there is little to no strategy you can use.

And that is because Red Dog is a straightforward game compared to several casino table games. The decision you have to make when playing Red Dog is to either stand or ride.

The only real optimal strategy you can use when learning how to play Red Dog is to know when to stand and when to ride. You can decide to raise on any hand, but from calculations made by mathematicians, it is advisable to ride on a card spread of seven or more. And stand on any other number less than seven.

Final Thoughts

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What is the house edge in Red Dog?

The house edge in Red Dog depends on the number of decks used in the betting session. But since Red Dog generally uses one deck of cards, the house edge for one deck of cards appears to be 3.155%.

How do you win at Red Dog?

To win at Red Dog is as simple as predicting the third card dealt to you to fall between the ranks of the initial two cards received.